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Duotrope on Campus FAQ

Why should we offer Duotrope on Campus?

Duotrope on Campus perfectly complements any writing program. It is the ideal platform to teach emerging writers the realities of the publishing industry, and it also aids established writers by saving them time finding the best potential publishers and helping them navigate the submission process.

What features does Duotrope on Campus offer?

Duotrope on Campus offers:

What is required for Duotrope on Campus accounts?

Duotrope on Campus requires a physical location — such as a campus or writing center — with a computer network. (For libraries, please see our sister offering, Duotrope for Libraries.)

Duotrope access is provided across the entire network. It cannot be limited to a single department. Every computer, tablet, and phone that can access the network will also have access to Duotrope

We are not an educational institution and do not have a campus. Can we still have a Duotrope on Campus account?

Yes! As long as you have a physical location (see above), you can have a Duotrope on Campus account. A "campus" is not required. For small groups and groups without physical locations, we also offer Group Memberships and bulk Gift Certificates (see below). We've developed this fast and simple wizard to help you choose the best option for your circumstances.

How does Duotrope on Campus access differ from individual subscriptions and group memberships?

Individual subscribers and Group members have access to our Submission Tracker and can also track deadlines, themes, favorites, and ignore list in their personal Control Panels. People with Duotrope on Campus access do not have a personal area of the site, and therefore do not have a Submission Tracker or Control Panel. However, they do have unlimited access to all the information Duotrope has to offer.

Feature Individual SubscriptionGroup MembershipsDuotrope on CampusSite Visitors
Thousands of up-to-date Publisher and Agent ListingsYes!Yes!Yes!Limited 1
Advanced SearchesUnlimited!Unlimited!Unlimited!No
Index of ListingsYes!Yes!Yes!No
Theme & Deadline CalendarYes!Yes!Yes!No
Hundreds of Editor InterviewsYes!Yes!Yes!Limited 2
Statistical ReportsYes!Yes!Yes!No
Personal Submission TrackerYes!Yes!NoNo
Personal Control PanelYes!Yes!NoNo

1 Access via direct links only. No statistical data.
2 Access via direct links only. No overviews by question.

How is pricing determined?

Pricing is determined based on the size of the organization* and the period of access (which can range from 6 weeks to a full year). If your organization supports fewer than 60,000 people and you need access for at least 6 weeks, get an Instant Quote for exact pricing. If there are more than 60,000 people involved or you need access for less than 6 weeks, please contact us.

* For educational institutions, Duotrope on Campus provides access to the entire campus, so we use size of the full student body to determine pricing.

Do you offer discounts for Duotrope on Campus accounts?

Yes, we offer two generous discounts. (1) New accounts receive a 25% discount for their first contracted term. (2) If you purchase a full year of access, you will receive a 16.7% discount off the price of Fall+Spring+Summer terms. These discounts will automatically be applied whenever you qualify for them. Our Instant Quote includes all applicable discounts.

If I already have a personal Duotrope account, why can't I just share it with a group of people?

An individual Duotrope account can only be used by one person. Under our Terms of Use, it cannot be shared with other people. If you want to provide Duotrope access for a group of people, we offer three options:

  • Duotrope on Campus/Duotrope for Libraries provides access to Duotrope's information services to anyone on a network at a physical location (such as a campus, library, or writing center). Duotrope on Campus/Duotrope for Libraries access offers all of the same features available to individual subscribers, except personal areas of the site (see above).
  • Group Memberships provide full individual subscriber access, plus special group features. They do not require the group to share a physical location.
  • Bulk Gift Certificates provide full individual subscriber access and do not require the group to share a physical location.

We've developed this fast and simple wizard to help you choose.

We are a small group (or an online group). Do you offer any options besides Duotrope on Campus?

Duotrope on Campus is available for small groups with a physical location. However, in many cases Group Memberships or bulk Gift Certificates are better options for small groups. Both are available for any group of at least 10 people (regardless of whether they share a physical location), and both offer the full benefits of an individual subscription. Unlike bulk Gift Certificates, Group Memberships offer special group features as well. We've developed this fast and simple wizard to help you choose.

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