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About Duotrope on Campus

You nurture your students' creative side, and we'll help them navigate the waters of the publishing world.

Duotrope is an ideal platform for teaching emerging writers the realities of publishing. Our reports and data give unprecedented insight into the industry. Duotrope is a perfect partner for established writers, too. We'll help them save time finding publishers and making informed decisions, so they can focus on writing.

Some of our features:

Duotrope on Campus is available to colleges, universities, high schools, and other academic institutions, and any business wishing to provide Duotrope access on premises. (For libraries, please see Duotrope for Libraries.)

Duotrope on Campus access is provided on a location basis. A physical location is required to qualify for an account.1

Pricing is based on the size of the organization's full student body (or participants), ranging from very small (fewer than 2,000 students) to very large (over 20,000 students.) We offer two generous discounts that will automatically be applied whenever you qualify for them. New accounts get 25% off their first service agreement. Also, when you purchase a full year of Duotrope on Campus access, you'll get 16.7% off the price of Fall+Spring+Summer terms. Get an Instant Quote now!

Duotrope on Campus is offered for the following terms:2

  • Fall: August 15 through January 15
  • Spring: January 1 through June 15
  • Summer: June 1 through August 31
  • Custom Plan: Select your dates

Duotrope on Campus offers your students and faculty the most comprehensive, interactive writers' resource available!

1 Static IP range is required.
2 Terms can be combined as needed.

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