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Evergreen Annual Anthology CafeLit

The theme for the 2022 is “Evergreen”. This can of course refer to the Christmas tree. There can clearly also be a green agenda here. What might we do to keep our planet ever green? Or you can go for the symbolic. Isn’t the Christmas tree a symbol of hope?

Submissions accepted 6 December 2021 until 28 February 2022

Editors' decisions by 31May or there abouts!

Editorial 1 June until 31 August

Book design and early marketing 1 September until 14 November

Book release 15 November

Celebration event 3 December


Temp Closed
  • Please name your file as your story anthology e.g. The Batman's Wife Evergreen
  • Texts should be:

Between 1,000 and 5,000 words

Previously unpublished

Double-spaced (Please do not put an extra double-space between paragraphs but do indent new paragraphs – use the Word paragraph settings to set this up)

In a regular font – e.g. Times New Roman or Arial, 12 point

  • Your name should not appear anywhere on your text.
  • Please use the header and footer function in Word to create headers and footers. Include the title of your story and the anthology in the header and page numbers in the footer.

Please adhere to these guidelines even if they sound pernickety – it really helps us if you submit this way. Although we wouldn’t necessarily reject your story if it was fantastic and you’d done something a little out of kilter, if you’re borderline or your story is very similar to another this could be a deciding factor.

By submitting to this call, you agree to have your story published in our annual collection if it is selected.

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