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We accept art, fiction, creative non-fiction, humor, poetry, and any fusion therein.

We tend to focus on the insular — subject matter that touches on, and feels relevant to, the experience of interiority. We are trying not to write about COVID-19 or mention it by name, but any experiences under quarantine (or anything else!) is fair game.

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay contributors at this time, but are hoping to change that soon! In the meantime, we’ll promote your work as much as humanly possible and draw a sweet custom graphic to go along with your piece.


• To get a better feel for what we like, please read our previous issues before submitting.

• We’re looking for exciting work under 1200 words. We understand that you might need to go a little over, but after a certain point, we will have to stop reading.

• Please ONLY send us original, previously unpublished work. Pieces that have appeared on personal blogs will not be considered.

• Please double-space prose submissions and single-space poetry submissions. We appreciate 12 point standard font such as Times New Roman.

• You can submit up to two pieces at once! No more than two, please.

• Upon acceptance, No Contact will acquire First North American Serial Rights to your work(s). This means we will have exclusive rights for thirty days after publication, after which rights revert back to the author. Of course, if your piece goes on to be published somewhere else, we kindly ask that you credit us in the future.

• We accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

• International submissions in English are allowed and encouraged.

• We are fortunate to receive many submissions, which means we are fortunate to know what we receive too much of! Please don’t send us: shallow virus tales, day-X-of-isolation-tales, or this-is-my-quarantine-space tales. Complicate the story! Make us deeply, deeply interested.

• We aim to respond to all submissions within 4-5 weeks. We may become overwhelmed at times, but if you haven’t heard from us in significantly longer than 5 weeks, feel free to send us a query!

• If you have any other questions, you can get in touch with us at [email protected]*

Half of all funds raised through our tip jar during September and October will be donated to Jane’s Due Process, which helps young people in Texas navigate parental consent laws and confidential access to birth control and abortion. To learn more about the work they do, visit

Categories: Fiction/Nonfiction/Poetry
File types: .doc, .docx, .pdf
Number of Pieces: Up to 2
Single File: Not required; may include a separate file/link for each piece.
Anonymous submissions are not required.
Simultaneous submissions are allowed.
Reprints are not allowed.
Multiple entries are allowed.

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