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We're paying $50 for explanations of how you got from your graduate degree in creative writing to jobs like social media manager, paralegal, journalist, lit agent/editor, copywriter, K-12 teacher, university staff, resume writer, technical writer, PR/communications, marketing, grant writers, and any other position people didn’t talk about in your degree program but in which your creativity and language skills have been an asset.

Please no English adjuncts and tutors, people teaching only creative writing workshops, literary nonprofit hires, or other jobs that are explicitly prepared for by most MFA programs.

We have no word limits, provided the writing is tight. What does that mean? It means that a 10,000-word submission that's so bursting with information something would get lost if we shortened it is fine by us, while a 3,000-word submission that feels like it could convey the same ideas in 1,500 words will be heavily edited. Upload a file with your finished text or your pitch. Know that if your file is a PDF, it will be sent back to you marked up with Adobe Acrobat. If you can't see the markup or edit it in Acrobat, then you're better off sending us text.

Please know that we love tips and donations, and any contribution at all helps us to continue providing our many vital services to emerging writers, including the only accurate fully funded MFAs list online. At the same time, we would never charge you to submit. It is our mission to remain accessible to writers from all backgrounds, including those who don't have the money for submission fees.

Column launching January 1, 2021, but we'll still be looking for entries after we launch.

Category: Nonfiction
File types: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, File-Sharing
Number of Pieces: Up to 3
Single File: Not required; may include a separate file/link for each piece.
Anonymous submissions are not required.
Simultaneous submissions are allowed.
Reprints are allowed. (We're happy to publish previously published material, but will ask you to take down any materials published to your website, blogs, or social media accounts before we publish them.)
Multiple entries are allowed.

Quota: A quota has been set for this project. Submissions will close when it has been reached.

of quota met

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