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Mythic Roads Press

Mythic Roads Press is a Canadian Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Romance publisher.

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Mythic Roads Press is seeking full-length novel submissions in the following genres:

  • High and low fantasy (including high and low, epic, and cozy fantasy)
  • Science fiction
  • Romance (in all sub-genres)

While we welcome the use of tropes, we are primarily interested in stories that move past genre conventions and utilize them to tell a unique and unpredictable tale. In addition, stories should include memorable characters and fast-paced, engaging plots.

Books that don't fit neatly into the genres above are also welcome, as long as they do have some elements of fantasy, science fiction, and/or romance included.

Mythic Roads Press is committed to publishing diverse authors and stories, and encourage everyone to submit regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class, or ability. While we are particularly interested in Canadian writers, anyone worldwide is welcome to submit.