Peeking Cat Literary

Peeking Cat is an online magazine, annual anthology, and soon to be an all-round writing community and resource – wait until you see what we have planned for 2021!

At Peeking Cat, we like writing that tells the truth in some way, by daring to be honest about something important, or by finding something beautiful to say about everyday things. We hold a special place for writing the self and writing for wellbeing.

We love short work including poetry, flash fiction, and anything that inhabits the hybrid space in between, including nonfiction, memoir and visual poetry.

Poetry isn’t a high-brow art form and it shouldn’t be inaccessible. Poetry is by everyone, for everyone. It is everyday – it is every life. But most of all, it is everywhere, and to see it, you just have to observe – like a peeking cat. Maybe you observing the self – the inside world, or the outside world. You could be an indoor cat or an outdoor cat maybe you’ve been distracted by a box, spent an exhilarating afternoon chasing a mouse, or sat and listened to your humans telling you all their troubles.

Current Format

Peeking Cat has existed in a couple of different formats. Currently, we publish one piece of work per week on the website and we release an anthology of all work every October.

Quota: This project has established a quota. Submissions will close when it is reached.


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We publish work on the website weekly and produce a print anthology containing these works every October.

We accept poetry, flash fiction, nonfiction, lyric essays, hybrid works, tiny truths, dreams, fragments, blackout poetry, visual poetry, macro poetry and so on, with one caveat: all submissions must be 500 words or less. We welcome work that inhabits the space between poetry and prose. Excerpts from longer work are fine as long as they stand up on their own without additional background/context.

Though cats are in our name, we aren’t looking for cat poetry or prose specifically. Take a look at our previous issues to see what we like. No violent, erotic, racist, homophobic or otherwise offensive work. We encourage submissions from all writers including new, established and marginalised authors.

Please send 1-3 pieces of work in one email, either as an attachment or in the body of the email. If you send more than three poems, only the first three will be read – there’s only so much time in the day! No PDFs for written works please, as these are difficult for me to format for the anthology and they will be automatically rejected. WordPress can be funny about indents, so if you have any fancy formatting your piece may be uploaded to the site as an image.

Please include a third-person bio of up to 100 words.

We receive a lot of submissions, so it may take some time for us to get back to you. If you haven’t heard from us after three months, please feel free to enquire about your submission.

Please note that regretfully, we are currently unable to offer payment, whether in the form of complimentary copies or monetary.

For pieces we publish, you grant us non-exclusive rights to print, publish, distribute and sell copies of the work in printed form and online in the English language throughout the world. We publish each piece of work on the website and in our annual anthology.

Your work will be printed exactly as you have sent it and only the font type and size will be changed to conform to the style of the website/anthology. We may edit the work if we find anything we believe to be a spelling or grammar error. Any italics, underlined, bold, etc. will be exactly as you have emailed them to us.

You may publish your work in other mediums if you choose, but we would appreciate it if you would credit Peeking Cat as the first publisher. Any compensation you receive from other mediums remains yours in whole.

When submitting your work to Peeking Cat, you will be added to our newsletter to keep you up to date with anthology releases and new calls for submissions. You can unsubscribe at any time by using the link in one of our emails or getting in touch.