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Poetry Challenge Humans of the World Blog (HOW)

Poetry Challenge! $1 per Word up to 50 Words Fee: usd $7.50


Contest Winnings: We pay $1 for each word up to 50 words

Enter here for the Humans of the World 50 Word Poetry Challenge! This challenge is all about conciseness. Getting your message across with fewer words while remaining understandable is a tricky balance of two vital components of poetry. Keep us engaged, interested, and teetering on the edge of our seats!

Our Editors will read submissions on a rolling basis and choose the poetry pieces that move them the most. The chosen poetry will be featured on our digital blog and get paid $1 per word up to 50 words.


There is no deadline. Pieces are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis

- 3 Poems Maximum

- 50 Word Maximum for each Poem

- Please send in a Word Document!

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