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Scared to Death Podcast

Creeps and Peepers! Annabelles and Roberts!

Welcome to the submission spot for your own Spoopy Stories! Please submit your stories below!

SUBMIT HERE —Fan Stories Vol. 3! Free


Closes on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 11:59 PM UTC (in 216 days)

Creeps and Peepers! Annabelles and Roberts!

Welcome to Spoopy Stories Volume 3! Please read the following for detailed instructions on how to submit!

1. Please submit your story in a .doc, .docx, or .pages file.

2. There is no font or format requirement, but just make sure we can read your spoopiness.

3. For the title, please use the following template: [type of story] - [name] - vol3. Examples of story types: haunted house, alien abduction, cryptid, etc. For your name, please use whatever name you would like listed on the show and/or in the 2022 book.

4. Please fill out the bio section with your preferred name and contact info, along with your story type. Most importantly, please state whether or not you give permission for the story to be read on the show as well as printed in the forthcoming book.

5. Note: due to the significant amount of submissions we have been receiving, we can’t guarantee a response back to your submissions. But please know, we get icy chills from reading each and every one!

If these things are not completed, we cannot guarantee that your submission will be read.

Now, go on: SCARE US TO DEATH!