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Script Challenge CafeLit

The challenge is to turn a story that we’ve already published into a script.

So, the census for this is that the scripts should be about ten minutes long.

It can be a script for radio, stage or film.

An important factor is that it should be Covid safe both to produce and for its audience. This in fact leaves it open to being very innovative. It should also be easy to produce. Give some thought, for example, to how an international setting might be produced by a camera crew in Barnsley, or on a Covid-safe stage or other space in Manchester. Okay, so radio might seem to the easy option but then you may need to think about how you will make it exotic enough.

So, get your thinking caps on:

  • Which of your texts will you use?
  • Which format will you choose?
  • How will you make it Covid-safe?
  • Which exciting innovations might you bring in?

We will consider professionalism. So, try to set your script out in an industry-standard manner. If you have Scrivener, this is more or less done for you. BBC Writers Room has lots of tips for script writers.

An exception might be if you are doing something really innovative that doesn’t lend itself to a conventional script format. Then it would be a matter of how clear it is for the judges and eventually a producer, director and actors.

Winning scripts will be produced and / or published. And wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a celebration event in December and at that event have one of the scripts performedor even just a rehearsed reading?

There are no active public submission calls for this project.

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