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Tint Journal

Tint Journal is the online literary magazine dedicated to creative work by writers for whom English is a second or non-native language. ESL writers bridge borders and blend cultures without the third party of the translator and offer the purest and deepest understanding of their fiction and nonfiction worlds. Our mission is to create a platform for emerging and established ESL writers and shine a light on the ways that authors all over the globe can contribute to what we know as literature in English.

In our biannual literary issues, we publish short stories, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, flash nonfiction and poetry, as well as visual artworks to accompany the texts. See our current issue, Tint Spring'21, or our archive for inspiration.

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Closes on Monday, May 31, 2021 11:59 PM W. Europe Daylight Time (in 23 days)

Creative writing submissions are only accepted by writers who have learned or acquired the English language after being fluent in another language. Translations will not be accepted. Visual art submissions are welcome by artists of all language backgrounds.


  • Please only submit one piece per category (short story, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, flash nonfiction, poetry) at a time.
  • In view of the diverse backgrounds of our contributing writers, any subject matter which does not violate our values of acceptance and inclusivity is welcome.
  • For creative prose (short story or creative nonfiction), please submit a piece (short story or creative nonfiction) between 1,000 and 4,000 words.
  • For flash (fiction or nonfiction), please submit a piece that does not exceed 800 words.
  • For poetry submissions, please submit one poem only. If the poem has subsections, mark them clearly in your document. A poem should not exceed four C4, A4 or Letter pages in length.
  • Please name your document [Category]_[Last Name]_[Title], e.g. Poetry_Miller_The Rose.
  • Provide your submission with a title page, indicating your
    • name,
    • first language/mother tongue(s),
    • second or foreign language(s),
    • nationality,
    • category (short story, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, flash nonfiction, or poetry),
    • title of your piece,
    • contact information (your e-mail address), and
    • day of submission.


  • Submit hi-resolution files of your visual art (paintings, illustrations, drawings, photographs, ...) to accompany our ESL stories, poems and essays.
  • Give each artwork a title. The file should be named [Artist's Last Name]_[Title], e.g. Munch_The Scream.
  • Submit up to three pieces at a time, but feel free to approach us in the future with new work.