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Wanderlust: Travel Journals (Gold Star Program) Gold Star

Wanderlust is an international platform for sharing travellers' tales from the road, a place for photographers and writers to publish their personal experiences of places and people.

After five years online, we are opening up to more work from those on the road, their trip reports and websites. Please consider becoming a member or a patron to support this goal of global connection. Thank you.

Quick Links to Open Calls:

Personal Travel Writing Free Tip Jar Option


With a focus on experiencing different cultures, people and places, we want to publish excerpts from your trips into the unfamiliar. Make it engaging, visceral, and immediate, take us with you in other words. We want to feel, smell, hear and experience as much as possible. We love the personal anecdote more than a list of what you did and when, but go deep within. How did this experience affect you? Make it the best writing possible.

1500 words max. No extra line breaks (check your Word default). 12 pt. Double spaced.

Photos: Unexpected Landscapes Free Tip Jar Option


Show us the contours and the faces etched into your home or the places you've been. Color-burst murals on brick walls, spray-paint sculptures, and the unusual environments you discovered as you walked around home and faraway places. See the website for the kind of work we're drawn to.

We want high-quality photos that give us a narrative-based map of our travel stories. Show us the details that struck home, that will inspire others. 1-5 images. Jpeg files. (Higher quality is best.) NOT IN WORD DOCS! Cover letter with places and a short bio/ links to add to the images. A sentence or two about each photograph will make your work stand out. Thanks. Each photo needs a number, title. In the text you send, please write out a few sentences of context, story, or the narrative of the series.