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We've collected millions of data points on the markets that we list. Our statistical reports help you cull through all that data to get to the juicy bits.

  • Response Statistics
    Looking for instant gratification? Check the markets fastest to respond. Wanting to avoid a long wait? Check the slowest to respond.
    Do you enjoy a challenge? Try to crack the markets with the lowest acceptance rates. Are you a newcomer? Then you might want to try the markets with the highest acceptance rates.
    Also, get lists of: Unknown, Lesser Known, Personable, Unresponsive, and Extremely Challenging markets.
  • Market Statistics
    Get lists of the markets with the most submissions reported and the markets that have been marked as "favorites" by the most people.
  • Search Statistics
    Find out what other writers are searching for, from the most popular genres today to the desired payscales.

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Activity in the Past 7 Days

3930 submissions reported
1247 listings checked
320 listings updated
31 new listings added

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