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Editor Interview: Peeking Cat Literary

Q: Describe what you publish in 25 characters or less.

A: Observations, and truth.

Q: What other current publications (or publishers) do you admire most?

A: The Barefoot Review ( because it encourages creativity out of difficult health situations - turning negative experiences into helpful honesty in the form of poetry and prose.

Q: If you publish writing, who are your favorite writers? If you publish art, who are your favorite artists?

A: Stephen King is one of my favourites. I also like Jeff Lindsay's Dexter series, and Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games.

Q: What sets your publication apart from others that publish similar material?

A: Peeking Cat Poetry publishes a wide range of works from people of all ages, locations and backgrounds. It's also a one person operation.

Q: What is the best advice you can give people who are considering submitting work to your publication?

A: Write something that tells the truth in some way, that tells the reader something in a beautiful way. Write something that expresses a part of your being, whether it's optimistic or explores the darker alleyways of the world.

Q: Describe the ideal submission.

A: The ideal submission would follow the submission guidelines. It would come with a biography but the work itself would tell me something about the writer - so that I feel like the biography is really just a formality and unnecessary because I've already seen a deeper glimpse of the writer within their work.

Q: What do submitters most often get wrong about your submissions process?

A: Not providing a biography for the About the Authors section.

Q: How much do you want to know about the person submitting to you?

A: Just a couple of lines for the About The Authors section is fine - it doesn't have to be much at all, and I don't mind whether or not you want to say which magazines you've already been published in, or if you've even been published before or not.

Q: If you publish writing, how much of a piece do you read before making the decision to reject it?

A: I read almost every piece to the end, although sometimes I have already made the decision halfway through.

Q: What additional evaluations, if any, does a piece go through before it is accepted?

A: None, I just have to like it - I may make spelling or grammar changes if necessary but will send the work back to the author for approval if I do make any corrections.

Q: What is a day in the life of an editor like for you?

A: Fun reading the submissions, but somewhat time consuming when it comes to writing emails, updating the website, and so on! It is an enjoyable project though.

Q: How important do you feel it is for publishers to embrace modern technologies?

A: As a digital marketer in my day job, for me it's very important to embrace modern technology, especially using social networking to connect with authors and readers. With more people using eReaders I think it's also important for publishers to be flexible about publishing formats, and not stubborn - no matter how much I agree that you can't beat the smell of a new printed book!