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Editor Interview: AfroMyth Anthology Series

Q: Describe what you publish in 25 characters or less.

A: Afrocentric fiction

Q: What other current publications (or publishers) do you admire most?

A: Obviously, Afrocentric Books is my favorite, but I also admire Sorghum & Spear and Milton Davis with MVmedia.

Q: If you publish writing, who are your favorite writers? If you publish art, who are your favorite artists?

A: I love Octavia Butler's simplicity of style. I also love the more poetic flows of Alexandre Dumas, Jane Austen, and Oscar Wilde. But the author whose book I've read the most times (in French and English) is Victor Hugo.

Q: What sets your publication apart from others that publish similar material?

A: There are few others who publish similar material. But Afrocentric Books is woman-owned. And the work's, though predominantly Speculative Fiction, have a literary flow.

Q: What is the best advice you can give people who are considering submitting work to your publication?

A: Make sure your work is clean. Get beta readers (not your family or friends) to read your work. Join a large writers group and learn from others. FOLLOW THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES, else your submission will be summarily dismissed.

Q: Describe the ideal submission.

A: The ideal submission follows all our submission guidelines and is an enjoyable read with minimal typos and errors. The writing flows smoothly, the dialogue feels natural, and the characters are complex enough to drive the story.

Q: What do submitters most often get wrong about your submissions process?

A: They submit material that we specifically said we do not want. Our they submit unsolicited attachments.

Q: How much do you want to know about the person submitting to you?

A: Not much. I need the work to initially speak for itself.

Q: If you publish writing, how much of a piece do you read before making the decision to reject it?

A: I can reject after one paragraph, but usually give it a chapter.

Q: What additional evaluations, if any, does a piece go through before it is accepted?

A: All accepted pieces are reviewed by two editors.

Q: What is a day in the life of an editor like for you?

A: Long.

Q: How important do you feel it is for publishers to embrace modern technologies?

A: Out with the old and in with the new. If a publisher doesn't embrace modern technology, they are bound to be left in the dust.

Q: How much do you edit an accepted piece prior to publication?

A: That is dependent upon just how much editing the piece needed prior to submission.

Q: Do you nominate work you've published for any national or international awards?

A: Yes, yes we do.