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Read all the editors' answers to Duotrope's interview question: How important do you feel it is for publishers to embrace modern technologies? Learn more.

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Here is a small sampling from our recent Editor Interviews. We have interviewed over 1,925 editors.

Q: How important do you feel it is for publishers to embrace modern technologies?

A: We are particularly a technology-savvy magazine because we accept all different artwork, which means video art and short films. We also believe that by being updated on technology, we can connect with our audience. Although we love the techy formats, that doesn't stop us from having print copies. Sometimes we all need is to hold art in our hands to really absorb it all, and that's why we publish both, so any format you prefer is there for you.

A: we embrace new technology. sledgehammer staff communicates primarily via a discord server, which for me as a 40-something seems really cutting edge. our submission spreadsheet is cloud-based so our reading teams can work from anywhere in the world. we publish four pieces a day, and use taskboard religiously to make sure we publish the right pieces on the right day.

A: We utilize a lot of online tech for our process, but we want to reduce any cost on our authors. So we use a form for our submissions, but process them through email. This reduces the cost of unnecessary submission software. All of our books are print on demand. This is less wasteful than traditional publishing. And lately we've been getting into doing online launch events for authors.

A: I am not tech savvy at all but I have done my best to embrace technology, learn how to maintain my website, learn Instagram. I feel I have a good presence on Twitter and I think all of these things help me spotlight the writers on my site. I’m also very consistent and a hard worker who doesn’t take a lot of breaks so I think that is very important in this kind of enterprise. A lot of journals come and go in the small press literary world

A: I think for small magazines, like HerStry, it's very important. We grew because of social media. We were able to find a following because we built up an email list. And because we don't have physical location, having electronic submissions has saved us.

Julia Nusbaum, Editor-in-Chief/Founder of HerStry, 04 September 2021

A: I think it's important to utilize whatever tools you can in order to maintain a publication and make sure you are accessible to your creators and readers.

A: We were the first 100% POD publisher in the world, several years before it was even called POD. We publish content 6-8 times a day across many social channels, have licensing, art, merchandise and much more. A niche publisher needs to try dozens of things to find what works.

A: The necessity can't be overemphasized. Of course, to get everything done, technology should have come with a 29-hour day. As an online-only publication, I think it's fairly important to publish in a medium that is accessible to all. Furthermore, social media platforms have helped the growth of our publication tremendously, so I make it an effort to constantly update and interact with the audience on such platforms. I think I should also add this; I've always been intrigued by traditional means of publishing (i.e. print magazines). I'm very keen on doing print issues sometime in the future too. Can't wait.

A: In no particular order:
- Especially in pandemic times, electronic submissions are a must.
- Social media is not free marketing, and the value of paid advertising on social media is highly dubious.
- Print-on-demand services make a certain amount of sense, but we specifically haven't had much need for them.
- Fuck Amazon.
- eBook availability is important, even if the genres in which we publish aren't the most reliant on them.
- Always use the right tools for the job at hand, whether that means hypertext or a sewing machine.

A: It’s important to be present & engaged on social media.

Jessica Spruill Waggoner, Managing Editor of HeartWood, 19 August 2021

A: People are hungry for stories in any format. During the pandemic, social media exploded (even more than it had already directed our lives) and became a main method for sharing stories and for connection. Simultaneous electronic submissions are a MUST in this day and age. Publishing stories in multiple formats (audio, print, digital, photo) is a way to open your publication up for new audience growth.

A: Very important. We accept electronic submissions.