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The Black Lion Journal

About this Publisher

“I want The Black Lion Journal to show a strong respect for the written word, for past histories, and for different cultures and art. Here, we will offer a space where differing world views are honored, where past silences can come forward with new significances, where those who have been displaced by traditional views of history can feel comfortable in sharing who they are and where they come from, without being oppressed by boundaries that exclude and discriminate based on one’s sex, gender, sexuality, ethnicity/nationality, age, class, or economic status. The Black Lion Journal aims to work alongside writers, readers, artists, and academics to produce content that is diverse, that surpasses traditional molds of authenticity and legitimacy; content that works to recognize collective and individual world views with our truths and our realities.” Christina Lydia - Founder, Administrator, & Creative Deviser

Country: United States

This publisher does not accept direct, unsolicited submissions, except for the following active project: