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Since joining Levine Greenberg Rostan in 2008, Kerry Sparks has built up the kid’s lit department and more recently the digital initiative at the agency. A few of her clients include NYT and International Bestselling author Jennifer Niven, National Book Award Finalist Carrie Arcos, bestselling author Susan Wittig Albert, illustrator and author Mark Pett, novelist Camille Perri, and a robust list of Jennifers—Jenny Torres Sanchez, Jennifer Mathieu, Jennifer Salvato Doktorski, Jenny Lundquist, Jennifer Mann, Jennifer Bass, Jenny Manzer, and Jennifer Gray Olson to name a few. She is looking for fiction that is the perfect combination of a great hook and solid writing. While Kerry’s primary focus is on fiction for young readers, she represents select fiction for adults as well. Kerry grew up in a rainy, rural Oregon town before heading to California for college. She graduated with honors from California State University, Los Angeles with a degree in English, where she also published short stories and wrote and produced plays. After a decade in Manhattan, Kerry now heads up the LGR Oregon outpost in Portland where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. Kerry is the co-author of the hipster baby name book Hello, My Name Is Pabst and will gladly help clients name their characters when necessary.

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