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What we are looking for is writing that really communicates. We want to see the beautiful pictures that appear in your head. We want to get inside the feelings and joys and disappointments of your characters. Art is a tremendous gift that allows us to penetrate the barriers of subjectivism: don't waste it on imitative schlock. Show us something that is yours, not something that is just like the summer's best blockbusters -- but with a twist... Our mission is to support the creation of art, and the renewal of culture. Since this can be accomplished in any genre, we are willing to consider any genre: classic romance, Greek tragedy, phantasmagorical allegory. Anything. That is, anything except what usually passes for "Christian fiction." If your work could believably be placed in a Chicken Soup for the Soul collection, or turned into a teledrama for the local family-friendly television station, we don't want it. That said, we are a Catholic magazine. So no moral gut-rot. You don't have to be Catholic to write for us. You don't have to be Christian. Your story can be dark as hell. But its moral and metaphysical underpinnings must not be evil.
FICTION: We are looking for well written fiction -- specifically for works that involve a strong fusion or form and content. This means that you can have psychologically uncomplicated characters if you are doing an Indiana Jones style action adventure set during the sack of Constantinople, but then you have to have very well evoked action. Likewise, you can get away with relatively skimpy plot if you are doing an in-depth character portrait a la "Notes from Underground" -- but then your psychological insights have to be genuinely penetrating. Generally, though, I have a preference for works that incorporate multiple different scene types. The most important thing, no matter what you are doing, is to use images. Good writing -- even good non-fiction -- draws pictures in the head of the reader, even when doing exposition.
NONFICTION: Vulgata is looking for high-quality articles that address issues of interest in Catholic apologetics and culture. Query first.
POETRY: We are looking for poetry that evokes the mysterious, the beautiful, the haunted, the sorrowful, the wonderful. Poetry is a means of exploring the intimate relationships between form and content. A poem that is in the form of raw inspiration dropped out onto a page with line breaks is a very good beginning, but it like an uncut diamond: it is not yet a poem. The process of crafting this raw material into a work is difficult. The inspiration must be carefully cropped and pruned, without killing it. Bad poetry errs in three ways: it is uninspired, it is inspired but not crafted, or it is inspired, and then wrought to death. The great thing to avoid is writing a "poem" that is really just normal prose that has been centered in the middle column of a page; but which has no meter, metaphor, enriched adjectives, etc.

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Open to all/most Genres 


Poetry Forms:Open to all/most Forms, including: Long poetry. Excluding: Prose poetry.
Styles:Dark, Experimental, Literary.

Types & Lengths

ArticleNo specific word count limits known.
PoemNo line limits known.
Short StoryNo specific word count limits known (our definition: 1000 to 7500 words).

Media & Publication Frequency

E Electronic PublicationUnknown publication frequency.


We do not list pay specifics. Check with the publisher for details.
F FictionS to P Pay ranges from Semi-pro payment (1-4.9 US cents per word) to Professional payment (5 or more US cents per word) per piece.
N NonfictionS to P Pay ranges from Semi-pro payment (1-4.9 US cents per word) to Professional payment (5 or more US cents per word) per piece.
P PoetryS Semi-pro payment (US$5-49 per poem) per piece.

Submission Types

Always check guidelines for details and restrictions. If you aren't familiar with these terms, see our glossary.
  ElectronicPostalReprintsSimultaneousFormats Accepted
F Fiction OK No No UnknownText format submissions
N Nonfiction OK No No UnknownText format submissions
P Poetry OK No No UnknownText format submissions

More Information is Available to Members

Important Note: Only the basic information for this listing is currently visible. If you want to learn more about this listing, including response statistics (average response time, rejection percentage, acceptance percentage, etc.), you need to subscribe. See a sample of what you're missing.

Before Submitting

We cannot guarantee that the information on this page is correct. It is not unusual for publications to evolve or close without notice. We do our best to keep up, but it isn't always possible. Just remember…

  • Always read the full guidelines provided by the publisher.
  • Try to read at least one previous publication to get a better idea of what the editor would like to see.
  • Unless the publisher's guidelines state otherwise, always use industry standard manuscript formatting.
  • For novel/collection publishers, it is standard to submit a cover letter, synopsis, and sample instead of the full manuscript. Do this unless otherwise instructed.
  • Include a SASE with all mailed submissions, queries, and requests for guidelines, unless the editor replies via or email or guidelines state otherwise.
  • Be professional, patient and persistent.


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