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Beth Campbell 6

An agent with BookEnds Literary Agency (see other agents at this agency)

Do not submit here! Permanently Closed: This agent is no longer accepting queries (October 2018). We provide the following information as an archive.


After interning for BookEnds as an undergrad, Beth joined the company as a literary assistant in September 2012. Since then she's made her way up through the ranks and was promoted to Agent in April of 2017. She's diligently building her client list and is always excited to meet an author with an excellent story. She's also works as the company's royalty manager--processing statements for all of BookEnds' clients. Beth's obsession with books began with a distinct fantasy/sci-fi flavor, and she's happily never kicked the addiction. She is primarily interested in signing clients within those genres, YA, and mystery. She loves seeing diverse characters (sexuality, gender, race, you name it!) and strong friendships across the all genres she represents Outside of reading, Beth's personal hobbies include drawing, cooking, gaming, snuggling with her cat Noodle, and spending far too much time on the Internet. Her authors include Cheryl Hollon, Jennie Davenport, Nathan Brown, Heidi Bleackley, Theo Nicole Lorenz, Marissa Doyle, Hannah Jack, S.N. Bacon, and Kathryn Holeman.

Country & Year Established

United States Agent since 2017

Fiction Closed

Open to a broad Audience, including: Adults, Young adults, All ethnic groups/populations, All genders, All sexual identities.
Fantasy FantasyOpen to all/most Subgenres.
Mystery/Crime Mystery/CrimeOpen to all/most Subgenres, excluding Noir.
Science Fiction Science FictionOpen to all/most Subgenres, excluding Hard Science Fiction.
Open to all/most Styles, including: Mainstream.
Open to all/most Topics.
Novel Novel
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Last Updated: 17 Aug 2020
Date Added: 02 Apr 2018

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