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Rachel Brooks 6

An agent with BookEnds Literary Agency (see other agents at this agency)


After three years as an agent at the L. Perkins Agency, Rachel Brooks joined BookEnds in June 2017. While at LPA she established a mix of romance, young adult, and cozy mystery clients. Prior to that she was apprentice to agent Louise Fury. Originally from Washington (and then from all over as an Air Force brat), Rachel now resides with her gamer husband and chatty rescue cat. When not working, her other interests include trying new recipes, playing World of Warcraft, and spending time by the ocean.


United States

Fiction Temp Closed

Rachel represents adult and young adult fiction. In both categories she's looking for more authors from marginalized communities. For women's fiction she is looking for commercial or upmarket stories with a strong hook. She loves to armchair travel via novels set outside of the United States. She's not the best fit for inspirational fiction. For adult romance she gravitates toward high-concept stories that can stand out in a crowded market. She represents a variety of young adult genres, but is particularly looking for YA contemporary and YA thrillers.

Open to a broad Audience, including: Adults, Young adults, All ethnic groups/populations, All genders, Females, All sexual identities.
General GeneralOpen to all/most Subgenres, including: Women's Fiction.
Fantasy FantasyOpen to all/most Subgenres, excluding Paranormal.
Romance RomanceOpen to all/most Subgenres, including: Romantic Comedy.
Suspense/Thriller Suspense/ThrillerOpen to all/most Subgenres.
Open to all/most Styles, including: Mainstream.
Open to all/most Topics.
Novel Novel
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