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Howard Yoon 11

An agent with WME Books (William Morris Endeavor) (see other agents at this agency).


Howard has recently joined WME’s literary department as a Partner and Literary Agent after the spring 2023 acquisition of Ross Yoon Agency, where he was an agent for more than 20 years. Based in Washington, DC, he works exclusively with nonfiction writers, gravitating towards reported narratives, memoir, history, science, sports, tech, business, and popular culture. He represents leading experts and thought leaders, but also has a soft spot for underdog stories and those who give voice to the underserved. He used to teach an award-winning narrative nonfiction writing class in Georgetown’s journalism program. He lives in DC with his wife and three kids.


United States

Nonfiction Open

Open to a broad Audience, including: Adults.
Open to all/most Styles, including: Literary, Mainstream, Personal.
Open to all/most Topics, including: History, Memoir, Politics/Political Science, Science, Society/Culture (General, Pop culture).
Book Book
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