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Laura Zats 25

An agent with Headwater Literary Management (see other agents at this agency).


For a decade, Laura has worked with books in every way from book selling, to editing and ghostwriting, to helping authors self-publish. A literary agent for over six years, she finds the most joy in working closely with authors to build their long-term careers in ways that contribute positively to their financial and mental health, as well as the greater community. Since 2016, Laura has hosted Print Run, a weekly publishing podcast, with Erik Hane. Passionate about teaching, mentorship, and the role books play in the fight for social justice, she regularly participates in the Manuscript Academy, attends conferences, and is currently serving her third term on the board of the Minnesota Book Publishers’ Roundtable, a non-profit that provides ongoing education for new and established publishing professionals. In her spare time, Laura plays tabletop role-playing games, follows the long-distance dogsled-racing season from her couch, and drinks a lot of tea.


United States

Fiction Open

Across all of my genres, I am looking specifically for diversity (of all kinds, with a bent towards #ownvoices), feminism, and geekery. I am especially interested in well-drawn female characters, fresh story-telling techniques (unreliable narrators, lists, emails, charts, texts, etc.), and voices that are unexpected for the genre the book is in (literary, lyrical YA, for instance).

Open to a broad Audience, including: Adults, Young adults, All ethnic groups/populations, All genders, All sexual identities.
Fantasy FantasyOpen to all/most Subgenres.
Horror HorrorOpen to all/most Subgenres, including: Science Fiction Horror.
Romance RomanceOpen to all/most Subgenres, including: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal.
Science Fiction Science FictionOpen to all/most Subgenres, including: Science Fiction Horror.
Open to all/most Genres Open to all/most Genres
Open to all/most Styles, including: Literary, Mainstream.
Open to all/most Topics.
Novel Novel
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