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We Cryptids Anthology 7

A project of Cuppatea Publications

Do not submit here! This project is permanently closed to submissions (March 2021). We provide the following information as an archive.


Cryptids have long haunted our imaginations and folklore. Bigfoot, the chupacabra, Nessie, the Jersey Devil, vampires, the fae, kraken, the mothman, werewolves, and more all feature in the stories we tell ourselves to inspire wonder and mystery. By living on the borders of society, at the edges of the map marked "here be dragons", cryptids exist in the liminal spaces between fact and fiction. We Cryptids invites you to consider what would happen if cryptids existed and lived among us. Would they be our neighbors, or would their children be barred from our schools? Would they be disproportionately stopped by police just because of what they were and what they looked like? Would their children be taken from them to be raised by "approved parents" to uphold other people's values. Would they be allowed to fight for the country, but not allowed to vote? Would their marriage not be recognized by the government? Could they "pass" as human, but still be liable to being fired if anyone found out? Would they be hunted for being different or even murdered for not being human? How would they survive and thrive in a world that doesn't believe in them and fears those who are different?

Country of Publication & Year Established

United States Established in 2020


Open to a broad Audience.

Publication Medium & Frequency

Electronic Publication Electronic PublicationOne-time publication.

Fiction Closed

Fantasy FantasySubgenre: Urban Fantasy.
Open to all/most Styles, including: Mainstream.
Folklore/Mythology (See guidelines), Other (See guidelines).
TypeLength Details
Short Story Short Story3,000 - 6,000 words.
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Semi-pro payment (1-4.9 US cents per word) to Professional payment (5 or more US cents per word) Royalties Pay ranges from Semi-pro payment (1-4.9 US cents per word) to Professional payment (5 or more US cents per word). Royalties.
OK No No Unknown UnknownText format submissions
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Last Updated: 01 Mar 2021
Date Added: 02 Nov 2020

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