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Nervous Ghost Press

About this Publisher

Nervous Ghost Press is an independent publisher committed to publishing quality work regardless of race, age, gender, sexuality, or education. We believe that writing has the power to save lives—we've witnessed it. Art and trauma, the human experience, and our ability to gather those things and create something powerful is what we live for. Writing transcends our identities and brings strangers together, silences hate, and proves that we can create beauty from the ugly and the scary. Nervous Ghost Press promotes writing from the heart, we advocate for our communities, and we will always strive to be a champion for positivity, growth, and lasting change. We stand unapologetically against all hate and injustice and will never silence or demonize anyone on the basis of their beliefs, origins, or identities. Through literary excellence, music, education, art, and media, Nervous Ghost Press exists to bring all of our immediate and extended communities together. We're looking for poems and stories that were written to save the life of the writer; raw, unadulterated, fearless. We seek established and emerging voices and hope to become a place to inspire, motivate, and provide a platform for otherwise marginalized people. Minority owned and operated, Nervous Ghost Press was created in 2019 by the community, for the community.

Country: United StatesEstablished in: 2019

This publisher does not accept direct, unsolicited submissions, except for these active projects: