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Columbia Journal Contests

A project of Columbia Journal

This project does not qualify for a listing with Duotrope. Publication details and submission statistics for this project are not available through our site.
Reason: Permanently disqualified due to the Three Strikes Rule (current contest information missing from the official website). (April 2021)
About our Listing Criteria
Just as publications have guidelines for submission, so too does Duotrope have Criteria for Listings for any project to be included in our listings. Among other things, these requirements are necessary to ensure that we can keep our listings as timely and accurate as possible. (Learn more about our procedures for keeping our listings up to date.)
Three Strikes: When a project gets deactivated for not meeting our criteria on three different occasions, the third disqualification is permanent. We always attempt to contact editors about these qualification issues and give them ample time to respond before taking action.


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Last Updated:
06 April 2021
Date Added:
15 January 2012