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Open Road Review 19

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ORR publishes short fiction (including translations), creative nonfiction (CNF) and poetry. Alongside established writers, it’s our endeavor to publish new ones.
FICTION: We look for literary work that is influential, yet elegant in a subtle way, fiction that effortlessly takes the reader to a deeper level, revealing the human condition without sloshing the flow of consciousness over its banks. We encourage work that has rich interior, a story that teaches us how to read it, something that if you can get it on a greeting card, it’s not working.
NONFICTION: Words that poke, teach, reason and stay put in the mind for a long time. Show us places we haven’t heard of, people we thought didn’t exist, misery or excess in any form, living or dead, that hurts.
POETRY: Most forms and styles will be accepted provided they display mastery of craft and content. Doggerel verse in the name of rhyming poems is strongly discouraged. We discourage highly experimental work. (e.g. fragmented words, words without spaces between them, pages with an extreme amount of white space). Anything hateful, overly religious/communal or indecent will not be entertained. We are dedicated to promoting peace and brotherhood through our magazine. To sum up, we are looking for highly imaginative, technically proficient, fresh voices from diverse perspectives and backgrounds.
VISUAL ART: Photographs (black and white, or colour), computer generated artwork, painting or pencil sketch that represents life on the road. Straight, curved, looped, up / down etc. Show us a good road and we will build our next issue alongside it.

Open Road ReviewIndia
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G General 


Audience:Open to a broad Audience.
Poetry Forms:Open to all/most Forms, including: Experimental poetry.
Styles:Open to all/most Styles, including: Literary, Personal.
Topics:Open to all/most Topics, including: Memoir.
Visual Art Media:Open to all/most Art Media, including: Digital art, Drawing, Painting, Photography.
Visual Art Styles:Open to all/most Art Styles.

Types & Lengths

Essay Essayup to 4,000 words
Narrative Nonfiction Narrative Nonfictionup to 4,000 words
Poem Poem up to 30 lines; 3 - 5 pieces
Flash Fiction Flash Fictionup to 1,000 words
Short Story Short Story1,000 - 7,500 words
Novelette Novelette7,500 - 8,000 words
Artwork Artwork 

Media & Publication Frequency

E Electronic PublicationPublished 4 x per year


We do not list pay specifics. Check with the publisher for details.
F FictionN No monetary payment
N NonfictionN No monetary payment
P PoetryN No monetary payment
V Visual ArtN No monetary payment

Submission Types

Always check guidelines for details and restrictions. If you aren't familiar with these terms, see our glossary.
  ElectronicPostalReprintsSimultaneousFormats Accepted
F Fiction OK No No OKText format submissions
N Nonfiction OK No No OKText format submissions
P Poetry OK No No OKText format submissions
V Visual Art OK No No OKImage format submissions

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Before Submitting

We cannot guarantee that the information on this page is correct. It is not unusual for publications to evolve or close without notice. We do our best to keep up, but it isn't always possible. Just remember…

  • Always read the full guidelines provided by the publisher.
  • Try to read at least one previous publication to get a better idea of what the editor would like to see.
  • Unless the publisher's guidelines state otherwise, always use industry standard manuscript formatting.
  • For novel/collection publishers, it is standard to submit a cover letter, synopsis, and sample instead of the full manuscript. Do this unless otherwise instructed.
  • Include a SASE with all mailed submissions, queries, and requests for guidelines, unless the editor replies via or email or guidelines state otherwise.
  • Be professional, patient and persistent.


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