At World's End 2

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Where will you be when the world ends, and how will it happen? Old standbys like zombies, a super-flu, aliens, an asteroid, or even the Rapture? Mayan gods (who knows, maybe we counted wrong!), super-heating of the earth’s core, nuclear annihilation, worldwide infertility, a black hole in the Hadron Collider? There are so many ways for life—and perhaps even the Earth—as we know it to cease, but what we want to know is what happens after. Do your characters hole up with shotguns in the mountains? Hunker down in an underground CDC base to find a cure? Maybe martial law reigns supreme, or the survivors band together to create a new form of government (or resurrect an old one). Do a lucky few get to live on beneath the sea or in space on the hunt for New Earth? Does the world begin again? Sure, the end of the world is an unpleasant place, but we’re looking for sparks of light amidst the misery. Show us survival, resilience, laughter, love. Show us the dark things too—it’s tough out there, after all, and even the best among us may do things we’re not proud of to survive—but give us romance, and hope, and the promise of a bright new day at the end of the journey.

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United States



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Electronic Publication Electronic PublicationOne-time publication.
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Romance RomanceSubgenres: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romantic Fantasy, Romantic Horror, Romantic Mystery, Romantic Science Fiction, Romantic Suspense.
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TypeLength Details
Novella Novella25,000 - 40,000 words.
Novel Novel40,000 - 100,000 words.
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