The State of the Duotrope Year's End 2013

Improvements in 2013

We moved to a new datacenter. Our website is now more stable, faster, and much more scaleable. (You can check the status of our service at any time via our public status page at Pingdom, our third-party monitoring service.)

The list of Pieces page has more sorting, filtering, and bulk update options, making it even easier to manage.

We made many changes to the admin side of things, helping our Duotroopers be even more efficient at managing listings and providing great customer service.

We re-wrote the code for the listing pages, resulting in them loading up to twice as fast.

We also worked on an exciting project that will be announced in the coming weeks.

The State of the Stats

Statistics are an important component of Duotrope. We've compiled a report of how we did in 2013. In short, Duotrope's statistical datasets are still strong, accurate, and continue to grow!

Milestones in 2013

  • In April 2013, we received our millionth submission report!
  • In November, we added our 10,000th listing.
  • Also in November, our Facebook followers surpassed 10,000.

Future Improvements

We don't rest on our laurels. We strive to continue innovating, improving, and inspiring year after year. In 2014 and the coming years, we will be introducing many features and enhancements, including completely new categories. Stay tuned!

We're always open to hearing your ideas and suggestions!


As a reminder, we're on Facebook and Twitter. (Helpful hint: If the site is ever down, check Facebook and Twitter.)

We'll be attending AWP in Seattle. Look for us at booth #703!