Curiosity and the Cat

So we got your curiosity piqued, did we? Excellent! We at Duotrope like keeping all sorts of statistics on the markets we have listed. We don't know exactly why we do it. Maybe we're very committed to the project, or perhaps we should be committed. In any case, our site has some interesting pages for the curious-minded and statistically-obsessed alike. (In case you find statistics and rankings as dull as a spoon but are curious about Duotrope itself, visit our About page.)

Currently we offer a few different pages, each with an assortment of reports and data:

Response Times Stats

Some things you can learn from all that (for example):

  • Someone who is new to submitting might target the 25 markets with the highest percentage of acceptances or the 25 markets that are fastest to respond.
  • A frustrated writer might see the overall acceptance/rejection ratios and remind him/herself that the road to publication takes patience and perseverance above all.
  • An editor might be shocked to see his/her/their publication at the top of the list of the 25 markets with the slowest response times and vow to make amends.
  • If you're looking for some lesser known publications, you might discover some on the list of markets without submission reports.

§ These lists display only the current (not permanently closed or defunct) markets that have accrued a minimum number of reported response times within the past 12 months.
The lists do not include closed/defunct markets or markets marked as 'fledgling.' We still gather submission information for markets that are 'fledgling' but they cannot be included in these lists until they have earned "active" status.

Search Stats

  • A summary of what our visitors want most in markets
  • The percentage of visitor searches run this month for any given Genre, Theme, Length, Payscale, Media, Submission Type, or Country

Something you can learn from that (for example):

  • If you're an editor, you might learn that the vast, vast majority of writers are looking for print publications that accept electronic submissions, and that they want to be paid. (We're not making that up, but don't take our word for it. Check for yourself.)

Other Market Stats

  • The markets with the most response times reported to us

Something you can learn from that (for example):

  • Not much. The list is not indicative of popularity or quality (neither does absence on the list imply lack of quality or popularity). It is only provided to encourage people to report their response times to us.

Curious about anything else? Let us know.