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Duosuma® Duotrope's Submission Manager

How to Test Duosuma Submissions

What is a test submission?

A test submission is a submission created for the purpose of testing your Duosuma account and the submission process. We highly recommend that new Duosuma accounts run through some test submissions before making their first submission call "live" and open to the public.

Who can test?

Anyone on your Duosuma Team can send test submissions. They just need to be logged in. The submission form will recognize that they are on the Duosuma team and will provide a special This submission is a test checkbox on the submission form (only visible to Team Members). You must check that box if you are testing.

Please do not create fake or duplicate Duotrope user accounts for the purpose of testing. This is against our Terms of Use. Your team can test the process using your regular personal account(s).

Are we charged for test submissions?

No, test submissions are not charged against your account. They are completely free, but some restrictions apply.

What are the restrictions with test submissions?

Most importantly, you should be aware that test submissions will self-destruct. From the moment a test submission is started, you have one week to "play" with that submission. After seven days, it and all its files will be permanently deleted.

Secondly, you will not be able to test submission fees or tips. Even if the call has an associated fee or allows tips, you will only be able to "Skip" sending payment. (In the case of required submission fees, be aware that the "Skip" button is not an option for regular, non-test submissions.) Stripe, our payment processor, does not permit running live transactions for the purpose of testing.

Finally, it should go without saying that submitting legitimate submissions as tests in order to not be charged for those submissions is a serious violation of trust and will result in the suspension of the account.

How can we make a submission call only available for internal testing?

To make a call for submissions only available for internal testing, set the Status to "Internal Testing Only."
The call will not be shown on your public project page (and will not be considered "live"), but members of your team (who are logged in) will be able to access it through a secret Testing link, which will be shown on the Manage Call page. Be sure to provide that link to any members of your team who will need it for testing. Anyone who attempts to access that link and isn't logged in as a team member will be redirected to the public project page.

Important Note: Please only create Calls for the purpose of testing under existing projects. Do not create a new project solely for the purpose of testing. Project pages are public and will be linked to from your other project pages.

What should we do when we have finished internal testing?

When you have finished testing, you can set the Access level to "Public" if you are ready to make the call "live" and open to the public.
If you plan on opening to "live" submissions on a scheduled date, set the status to "temporarily closed to submissions" and make sure the access level is "public." Then, set up a Submission Period to schedule when it will open and go "live."

Can we test "live" calls as well?

Yes, you can test your open public (or private) calls at any time. Go to the public page (or secret link) for the project (links can be found at the top of the Manage Project page and on the Manage Call page). You'll go through the same submission process as a regular submitter, with the exceptions listed above. (You must mark the submission as "This submission is a test," and you will not be able to test submission fees/tips.)

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