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About Duotrope®

Duotrope is a subscription-based service for writers and artists that offers an extensive, searchable database of current fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual art publishers and agents, a calendar of upcoming deadlines, a personal submission tracker, and useful statistics compiled from the millions of data points we've gathered on the publishers and agents we list.

What sets us apart from the competition?

There are other resources available to writers and artists, both free and paid. We believe we're the best in the field. Here's why:

  • We are established. Duotrope was launched in 2005. Furthermore, our team has many decades of combined experience in writing, art, and publishing.
  • We are professional. Duotrope is a business. We are not hobbyists, interns, or volunteers. Our team is highly trained and committed to the work we do.
  • We are informative. No other writers' resource has the vast amounts of data on publishers that we have. Also, we apply proprietary algorithms to make sure our statistical reports are as accurate and clean as possible. This helps writers make informed decisions on where to submit.
  • We are global. We list English-language publishers in over 40 countries. Also, Duotrope has subscribers in every US state and in over 70 other countries.
  • We are impartial. Duotrope is ad-free. Also, publishers cannot pay us to list or promote their projects. We list any publishing project that meets our criteria.
  • We are comprehensive. Duotrope is style-agnostic. While some resources focus only on the literary side of publishing, and others focus on genre publications, Duotrope doesn't limit by genre or style. Our custom search feature lets you find exactly what you're looking for, no matter what you write (or create).
  • Most importantly, we are proactive. Unlike other resources, we don't wait for information to come to us. Instead, we check each active listing's guidelines page for changes once a month on average. In addition to that, we run biannual audits of each listing, and we contact dozens of editors on any given day to make sure our information is still current.
    As a result, this makes us the most up-to-date market resource around.

Awards & Accolades

Duotrope has been honored as one of Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers, and we were included in The Write Life's 100 Best Websites for Writers. Also, Preditors & Editors (sadly now defunct) selected Duotrope for their Truly Useful Site Award.

Also, see our Testimonials page to read what some of our members have said about Duotrope.

Duotrope by the Numbers

That's the number of current fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual art publishers and agents that we list. Learn more.

Sample Listing: Recent cover image or website screenshot for Loud Coffee PressLoud Coffee Press

Our All-Time Data Collections:
2,454,490 submission reports
32,850 themes & deadlines
2,264 interviews with editors & agents

Activity in the Past Week:
2,732 submissions reported
1,569 listings checked We check each active listing's guidelines page for changes once a month on average. Click to learn more.
2,327 listings updated
246 listings audited We audit each active listing twice a year. Click to learn more.
15 new listings added
Most recent update:
4 hour(s) ago

Did you know that Duotrope members have recently* been accepted by these top publications?

AGNI, The Sun Magazine, The Missouri Review, Baltimore Review, The Georgia Review, swamp pink, Ploughshares, Kenyon Review, The Adroit Journal, New England Review, Chestnut Review, Split Lip Magazine, The Paris Review, Copper Nickel, Bennington Review, The Sewanee Review, West Branch, Poetry Magazine, Ninth Letter, Colorado Review, CRAFT, Michigan Quarterly Review, The Common, Boulevard Magazine, STORY Magazine, and many more.

We are proud that our tools help writers and artists achieve such extraordinary success, and we applaud everyone who has the courage to submit!

* Within the past 12 months. This list is recompiled once a day. Last compiled: Thursday, June 13, 2024 4:40:26 PM UTC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts & Subscriptions

How much does an individual subscription cost?

After a 10-day free trial period, subscriptions cost just USD $5.00 per month or you can save 16.7% with an annual subscription of USD $50.00.
We now also offer subscriptions in the following currencies: AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR, INR, NZD. (Check the individual links for pricing details.)
Gift certificates are available as well.
Learn more about subscriptions, payments, and gift certificates.

Do you have options for groups?

We offer options for groups both large and small: Group Memberships and bulk Gift Certificates. We've developed this simple wizard to help you choose the best option for your group.

Do you offer any free services?

We offer new individual subscribers a 10-day free trial. Also, non-subscribers can receive a monthly "Summary" edition of our opt-in email newsletter. Follow our Twitter feed for ongoing market news.

Duosuma, our Submission Manager, allows anyone with an account to submit to participating projects; a subscription is not required.

Publication and Agent Listings & Statistics

What types of publishers and agents do you list?

We list publishers that accept unsolicited, written submissions of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. As of 2017, we now cover publications that accept visual art submissions as well. We list publishers of all genres, and we list book publishers as well as journals and anthologies. We also cover contests, as long as publication is part of the prize. As of 2018, we now cover literary agents as well.

What types of publishers and agents don't you list?

At this time, we are not a resource for: translations, graphic novels, picture books or illustrated books, greeting cards, novelty publishing, or play/scriptwriting.
Also, we only list publishers, publications, and agents. Currently, we do not list fellowships or contests that provide a prize without publication. (If you are interested in any of those categories, please let us know.)
Finally, we do not list any market that doesn't meet our publisher listing criteria or agent listing criteria.

How often are the publisher and agent listings updated?

We are dedicated to keeping our listings as up to date as possible. We check each of our active listings' guidelines pages for changes once a month on average, and we run a comprehensive audit of each active listing at least twice a year. When someone contacts us with a correction or change, we generally update the listing within one business day. Read more about the things we do to ensure our listings are accurate.

I noticed an error in a listing. Can you fix it?

Yes! Please let us know about it (use the appropriate "Report" link on the market's listing, found under the cover art) and we'll look into it ASAP.

You don't list a certain publication. Will you add it?

Please let us know about the publication. If it meets our eligibility criteria, we will add a full listing. Otherwise, if you are a subscriber, you can request a DNQ (does not qualify) listing so that you can track any submissions you send to them.

You don't list a certain literary agent. Will you add a listing?

Please let us know about the agent. If the agent meets our eligibility criteria, we will add a full listing. Otherwise, if you are a subscriber, you can request a DNQ (does not qualify) listing so that you can track any queries/submissions you send to them.

I am an editor/agent. How can I manage my listing?

Only members of our admin team can make changes to our listings. On the listing, look for the "Report" header (below the cover art) for links to report corrections/updates and new cover art. We normally make requested changes within one business day.
Also, we highly recommend that you read our Policies for Editors or Policies for Agents. Those pages contain valuable information on how we work with editors and agents, our rules for listings, and how to keep our relationship running smoothly.

How accurate are the response statistics?

The response statistics are compiled from reports sent by subscribers of this site. Although we encourage all people who report their submission responses to be as honest and complete as possible, as with all statistics gathered from human reporting, there is a significant margin of error. We do have code in place to throw out obvious outliers, based on response reporting patterns (learn more about our process). Statistics, whether our response statistics or a political poll, should always be looked at with skepticism. That said, we still feel the statistics we compile can be useful to those who understand the nature of statistics, or we wouldn't offer them.

Do you list publishers or agents that charge fees for publishing?

We only list publishers that follow traditional publication models — those that do not charge for editing services, cover design, or any other aspect of the publishing process. Publishers that are vanity presses, subsidy publishers, or that operate as a cooperative between creator and publisher do not qualify for listings with us.

Likewise, we do not list any literary agents who charge fees for submissions or extra services (including editing services), or any agents who charge a commission rate higher than standard rates.

Do you benefit when people use the "Support this Publisher" links?

No, we don't. Using the "Support this Publisher" links benefits the publisher, not us.

Our publication is listed on Duotrope. How do we accept submissions through Duotrope?

Duotrope launched our own submission manager service called Duosuma in 2020. Duosuma is a submission manager platform that publications and agents can use to accept, manage, and respond to submissions quickly, easily, and affordably. Please go to Duosuma's mini-site to get all the details.
Duosuma is linked to Duotrope, our writers' resource, but operates separately. You can't accept submissions directly through Duotrope per se, but you can accept them through the Duosuma service. Duotrope provides listings with information about publications and agents. Those listings are provided at no charge to the publisher/agent and are administered by our staff.


Can I link to your site?

Yes! That's one of the nicest things you can do for us. Get link graphics and code snippets.

Is Duotrope hiring?

No, we aren't currently hiring new employees. You can follow us on LinkedIn to find out about any future opportunities.

What does the future of Duotrope hold?

We have many new features and improvements on our to-do list. We're always looking out for the next great idea. If you'd like to suggest one, just let us know!

Is my personal information private?

Yes, absolutely! You have complete assurance of privacy on this website. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Who owns and runs Duotrope?

Duotrope is run by Duotrope LLC (registered in the state of New Mexico). We are a small team ("the Duotroopers") of published writers and former editors. None of us is on the staff or board of directors of any of the publications that we list.

I used to frequent a site called "Duotrope's Digest." Is this the same as that?

Several years ago, we simplified the name from "Duotrope's Digest" to "Duotrope." Today's Duotrope is the evolution of Duotrope's Digest. We've grown considerably and added many features.

What is a "duotrope"?

"Duotrope" is a word we made up. Since "duo" is the Latin root for "two" and "trope" is from the Greek "to turn," we think of a duotrope as two objects spinning in orbit around each other, such as a writer and an editor. That's just our concept of what a "duotrope" is. Feel free to come up with your own. ("Duotrope" is the registered trademark of Duotrope LLC.)

Where do you get your photos?

Many of the images used on this site are sourced from Unsplash. See the inspiring collections we've curated!

Have a question not answered here? Contact us.