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A cookie
If only web cookies were edible!
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What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a tiny text file that is stored by your browser when you visit or interact with a particular website. You can manage cookies in your browser. Follow the instructions in your browser's help files.

How does use Cookies?

Like most websites, we use cookies to provide you with a personalized experience as you use our site. The important things to know are:

All of the cookies we set are secure, first-party cookies. This means that cannot track you after you leave the site.

Our cookies do not expose any of your personal information, such as your name, email address, or password.

We only use cookies for essential, preference-setting, and statistical purposes.
We do not use any advertising, marketing, or performance-monitoring cookies.

  • Our essential cookies allow you to log in and help us recognize you from visit to visit. Another of our essential cookies indicates whether you have opted in or opted out of non-essential cookies.
  • Our preference-setting cookies allow you to save certain settings, such as your preferred category and some search settings. This type of cookie may also allow you to hide certain alerts and announcements.
  • Our statistical cookie gives us an overview of which pages are most popular and how people are referred to the site. This report is for internal use and only includes anonymized and aggregated data.

Opting In: If you live in a country under GDPR (or similar laws) OR you have Do-Not-Track set in your browser, you will have to opt in before we can set any non-essential cookies. This can be done using the "Cookie Consent" banner (not a pop-up) at the bottom of every page (above the footer). If you don't opt in, we will not set any non-essential cookies, which means that some of your preferences will not be remembered. If you do opt in, you will need to renew your consent at least once a year.

Opting Out: You can opt out of our non-essential cookies below.

How to opt out of Non-Essential Cookies

You may choose to opt out of non-essential cookies (preference-setting and statistical cookies). If you do this, will no longer remember your preferred settings and will use the defaults instead.

Opt Out

Note: For information about how to control your personal information in other ways, please see Your Data Rights. Additional information can also be found in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

List of all Cookies in Use

Name Function Description Duration
OOC Essential Indicates whether you have opted in or opted out of non-essential cookies and allows us to comply with that request. 1 year or 5 years 1
SES Essential Provides essential functionality across Sets a unique, random value to anonymously identify the browser session for security purposes. Session 3
SUB Essential Provides essential functionality for Duosuma submissions. 14 days
VIS Essential Provides essential functionality across Used for authentication. 15 minutes or 7 days 2
IGN Preference Tracks whether you have hidden a recent announcement. 3 months
OPP Preference Remembers your selected settings on the Duosuma Opportunities and Calendar pages. 6 hours
PRF Preference Sets certain preferences, such as your preferred category. 1 month
PRI Preference Tracks whether you have agreed to the Privacy Policy to hide reminders about recent changes to it. 1 month
VIL Statistics Logs basic site usage that gets aggregated into anonymized, internal reports about popular pages and common referrers. 1 month
cf_clearance Essential The vast majority of visitors will not have this cookie. It will only be set if you or your browser are presented with a challenge or security page to access 30 minutes

1: The longer duration for the OOC cookie is for opting out of non-essential cookies. The shorter duration is for opting in.
2: The longer duration for VIS and ORG cookies is only if the person has selected the option to stay logged in longer.
3: The actual duration depends on the browser and browser settings. Many browsers will delete the cookie when you close the browser and/or tab. Others may keep the cookie so you can pick up where you left off.

Not all cookies are set in all cases. They are only set as needed and as permitted.
Cookies not listed above are legacy cookies (no longer in use) and can be safely deleted.
All cookies except Essential cookies can be safely deleted, although keeping Preference cookies may be more convenient for most visitors.
Please note that if you remove the Essential cookies via your browser settings, you will not be able to stay logged into the site, use any subscriber features, or submit through Duosuma.