Duotrope's State of the Stats (Past Three Years)

We are strong believers in transparency. That's why we provide so many statistics on publishers. We're also willing to shine that light on ourselves. Our State of the Stats provides the number of submissions reported, new listings added, contacts received, and listing updates over the past several years.

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Our All-Time Data collections:
2,537,987 submission reports
18,233 themes & deadlines
1,655 interviews with editors & agents

Most recent update:
46 minute(s) ago

Submissions Reported

YearCount% Change
2016292,959+6.09 %
2017290,956-0.68 %
2018283,572-2.54 %
2019 YTD47,648TBD

Contacts Received

YearCount% Change
201610,335+21.05 %
201710,051-2.75 %
201811,193+11.36 %
2019 YTD1,792TBD

New Listings Added

YearCount% Change
20162,466+36.92 %
20171,473-40.27 %
20182,760+87.37 %
2019 YTD275TBD

Listing Updates

YearCount% Change
2016142,147+71.41 %
2017134,005-5.73 %
2018142,329+6.21 %
2019 YTD19,957TBD
Note: These statistics are calculated every 6 hours. Last compiled: Thursday, February 21, 2019 10:09:08 PM UTC.

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