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Duotrope Changelog

Duotrope gets better all the time. See what new features, improvements, bug fixes, and other changes we've made recently.

February 2021

New Calendar Filter Options

On the Theme & Deadline Calendar, there are two new filter options: "Only show New and Updated deadlines (last 7 days)" and "Exclude Temp Closed listings." 23 February 2021

January 2021

New Piece Selection Control

Many pages now sport a spiffy new control for selecting a piece from your list of pieces. This speeds up those pages, especially for people with lots of pieces (hundreds or thousands). You can scroll through the list (like the previous control) or you can type part of a title to filter the list and easily find the one you're looking for. 25 January 2021

New Options for Personal Submission Statistics

If you don't want to see an overview of your submission statistics on your Control Panel, you can hide that section using a new "Hide my Statistics" checkbox. On the opposite side of that spectrum, if you want to see your All Time statistics, that's now an option your Submission Statistics page. 25 January 2021

November 2020

Personal Submission Statistics

We now offer a new, interactive report of your personal Submission Statistics! You can see your statistics for different time frames, and compare one period to a previous period. Each report shows your Acceptance percentage, Rejection percentage, Non-response percentage, and Acceptance-to-Rejection ratio. Also, if you have reported that you have paid submission fees or tips or reported that you've been promised payment or received payment, the report will include summaries of those. 4 November 2020

September 2020

Menu Consolidation

The once-separate menu entry for Calendar can now be found under News. 1 September 2020

August 2020

New Search Features

The Publisher Search now has two new search criteria: "On Duosuma" to find publishers that are using Duosuma for their submission manager, and "Include Ignore" for when you want to intentionally include listings that you've added to your Ignore List (that option is on the "Other Options" tab). The Agent Search also has the option to "Include Ignore" (on the "Other Options" tab) for when you want to intentionally include agents that you've added to your Ignore List. 17 August 2020

Major Announcement! (4 August 2020)

Today, on Duotrope's 15th anniversary, we are thrilled to introduce Duosuma, Duotrope's Submission Manager! We have been planning this for over a decade and have been actively developing it for over two years.

June 2020

Bulk Delete on Favorites List & Ignore List

You can now delete several entries from your Favorites and Ignore List at the same time. 29 June 2020

May 2020

Consolidating Pieces

You can now consolidate two records in your Pieces List into a single record (also updating any related submission reports). 6 May 2020

January 2020

Preferred First Name (Nickname)

If the name you preferred to be called is different from your legal first name, you can add that to your Profile. (This is different from a Pseudonym, which is a separate option.) 29 January 2020

New Password Standards

Strong passwords are now required for all new accounts. Existing accounts are highly encouraged to also adopt strong passwords. (Update your password.) This is a precautionary measure; to our knowledge, no accounts have been compromised. 29 January 2020

August 2019

Fee Designations

(1) When a project charges fees some of the time or in certain circumstances, a gray dollar-sign icon will appear in search results and lists. As before, if a project charges fees all the time (or is currently charing fees) the dollar sign icon (in black) will be shown in search results and lists.
(2) There's a new designation for Voluntary fees, such as with "tip jar" submissions. This will be highlighted on the listing. Projects that only have voluntary fees will not be shown with a fee icon in search results and lists. 27 August 2019

June 2019

New Currency Options

To better serve the global (English-language) writing community, we now offer Individual Subscriptions, Gift Certificates, and Group Memberships in the following currencies, in addition to US Dollars: Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, New Zealand Dollars, and British Pounds Sterling. 19 June 2019

Current subscribers: How to change your subscription to a different currency: If you already have a subscription (charged in US dollars) and you want to change to a different currency, follow these steps: (1) Cancel your existing subscription. (2) We will inform you when the time remaining on that subscription expires. At that time, re-subscribe and select your preferred currency option. Unfortunately, a subscription in one currency cannot be converted into a different currency, so cancelling and re-subscribing is required.

If your currency is not listed above, you can still purchase subscriptions, gift certificates, and group memberships. Your credit card issuer or bank will convert those charges into your currency. If you would like us to consider adding your currency, please contact us with your suggestion.

April 2019

Bug Fixes

The option to exclude "Limited Demographic" listings from Publisher Search and Agent Search results was not working as intended. This has been fixed. Also, the option to show only "Members of Professional Associations" in Agent Search results wasn't working. This too has been fixed. 30 April 2019

March 2019

Bug Fix

The Theme & Deadline Calendar now correctly color-codes unthemed deadlines, based on whether or not you are tracking that deadline. 21 March 2019

February 2019


The links to our listings and interview pages have changed. The old link format will still work, but you are welcome to update any links on your site/blog that point to those pages. 13 February 2019

We made significant improvements to our title search capabilities, on the Find By Title page as well as other pages, such as reporting submissions. These changes make searching faster and also make it easier to find markets with unusual formatting or accents. 5 February 2019

November 2018


People reporting submissions to book publishers/presses can now track whether full or partial manuscripts have been requested by the publisher. 1 November 2018

Bug Fix

The members' version of the newsletter was including all agents added recently, regardless of category. Now, it only includes new agent listings that are relevant to the recipient's category settings (fiction, poetry, nonfiction). 1 November 2018

October 2018


The Response Statistics section on market listings now lists the average submission fee paid (as reported by our members), when applicable. 15 October 2018

We updated both the terms and the award that we offer for Contest Sponsorship. We increased the requirements to qualify for sponsorship (they must award a First Prize of at least USD $500 or equivalent, and the submission fee is now capped), as well as the award we offer ($100 Gift Certificate). Previous sponsorships that we've granted are grandfathered under the former terms and award ($50 Gift Certificate). 4 October 2018

September 2018


Several new (optional) fields have been added to the Report a Submission page.
For queries/submissions to agents, you can now track when partial and/or full manuscripts were requested and sent, as well as other information pertaining specifically to agent submissions.
For submissions to publishers, you can now track any submission fees paid, as well as many business tracking features for acceptances (payment offered, payment received, date of publication, etc).
These features are in early stages. We have plans to expand on them in the future. (Suggestions are always welcome.) 12 September 2018

May 2018


We fixed a bug that was loading Saved Searches for agents as publisher searches and vice versa. Also, we added an icon on the Saved Search page to indicate whether a Saved Search is for agents or publishers. 31 May 2018

To improve the readability of our lists, agents are now displayed with their First Names first rather than Last Names first, even when alphabetized by Last Name. This also applies to publications that begin with articles, such as The Gettysburg Review and A Public Space, which are alphabetized under G and P respectively, but will be displayed with the article first. 15 May 2018

April 2018


For people who use middle names, you no longer need to awkwardly attach it to your first or last name. There's now a Middle Name field that you can set on your Update Profile page. 24 April 2018

The members-only version of the newsletter will remind subscribers who have pending submission reports to check on the status of those reports. Also, any markets in the member's Ignore List will be omitted. 18 April 2018

March 2018


List Markets by Category has been moved to its own page. It's now a separate entry in the Search menu. 23 March 2018

The Agent Search page now has the option to exclude other agents at agencies where the piece has been submitted on the Exclusion tab. 14 March 2018

Bug Fix

There was a bug when reporting submissions to agents in certain circumstances. This has been fixed. 15 March 2018

February 2018

Major Announcement! (14 February 2018)

We have entered entirely new territory: Literary Agents! Read the full announcement.


Along with the introduction of Literary Agent listings, we slipped in several bug fixes, feature improvements, and site changes.

  • Several pages have changed locations. We have set up automatic redirects to the new locations whenever possible. If you link to these pages, please update your links. 14 February 2018
  • The newsletter now divides New Listings and Re-openings into: Paying Markets, Non-Paying Markets, and Agents. 14 February 2018

Bug Fix

There was a bug with Saved Searches for agent searches loading publisher search criteria instead. This has been resolved. 19 February 2018

January 2018

As a security precaution, we have changed the way links to external sites open. Instead of opening in a new tab automatically, links to external sites will open in the same tab unless you use a right-click option to select where to open the page. 3 January 2018

Bug Fixes

There was a temporary bug that wouldn't let editors update their interview answers. This has been fixed. 22 January 2018

October through December 2017

Complete Redesign

It's been five years since our last complete design of the site, and we decided it was time to spruce things up and adopt newer technologies. Every page has been redone with the aim to improve readability, while keeping the most important information quick and easy to locate. The changes also include many accessibility improvements. 6 December 2017


The Index of Listings, Find by Title, Market News, Recent Responses, and Interview pages will now automatically exclude markets that are in your Ignore List. 28 December 2017

August and September 2017

Behind the Scenes Improvements

We have been updating, optimizing, and improving many of the things that keep Duotrope running behind the scenes. You should notice general speed improvements across the site.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that was preventing the Shortlisted and/or Rewrite Requested status from being unchecked when updating a Submission Report. 12 September 2017

July 2017


Instead of only mentioning the markets that were recently declared "believed defunct," our Market News page and newsletter now include markets that recent permanently closed or went on indefinite hiatus. 27 July 2017

Based on feedback from our users, we have further simplified the Submission Status options. Instead of Personal Rejection and Form Rejection being completely separate statuses, now there's just one status for Rejection, which can be modified by selecting option boxes. The Submission Tracker and Recent Responses pages will still indicate whether it was a personal or form response, as well as other details. As part of this change, the icon displayed for Status has one letter instead of two, which makes the table easier to read. 20 July 2017

The Calendar can now be filtered to show: Contests Only, Anthologies Only, Journals Only, or all types of projects. 20 July 2017

By popular demand, the Submission Tracker is no longer limited to 100 rows per page. Now you can choose how many results to show at a time, including the option to show all at once. (You asked, and we delivered!) 11 July 2017

We have rebuilt our system for reporting and tracking submissions from the ground up. This will result in those pages being faster and easier to use. All the submissions data is still intact, with a few minor changes. "Rewrite requested" and "Shortlisted" are now checkboxes instead of separate submission statuses. Also, there's a new Date Queried field. We highly recommend that you read our updated Guide to Reporting and Tracking Submissions for more information. 6 July 2017

Bug Fixes

When exporting the Submissions to Excel format for backup purposes, the Status now properly displays the basic status and any other details (personal, form, shortlisted, etc.) 20 July 2017

The list of "Your Submissions" on the market listings now sort properly, newest to oldest. 11 July 2017

There was a bug on the Submission Tracker that, in certain circumstances, indicated that it was time to query when it wasn't. That bug has been fixed. 6 July 2017

June 2017

New Features

We have restructured our listings! In the past, Styles, Topics, and Subtopics applied to the whole listing. Under our improved system, Styles, Topics, and Subtopics have been separated by category (Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Visual Art). This results in more clarity on our market listings and more accuracy in Search results. (This project took a few months in development and data entry, and we affectionately called it "The Banana Split Project" during that process. Yes, we have a collective sweet tooth.) 15 June 2017


Since the Banana Split project was a large and long undertaking, we also slipped in dozens of bug fixes, speed improvements, and design changes. These are too numerous to mention individually, so we'll just mention a few:

  • Visual Art listings are now searchable by Topic and Subtopic. 15 June 2017
  • Minor tweaks to the design of the site. 15 June 2017
  • The Submission Statistics now provide percentage of submitters accepted, in addition to number of pieces accepted. (Note: It will take 24 hours for this data to be compiled for all active listings.) 15 June 2017
  • Easier to read formatting for tracking Themes & Deadlines. Also, the Calendar now sorts properly. 15 June 2017
  • Speed improvements, especially to the Favorites and Ignore List pages. 15 June 2017

April 2017

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that excluded many of the entries on the Calendar page when "Include unthemed deadlines" was selected. 18 April 2017

March 2017

New Features

We have added specific Payscale categories to Visual Art (which is still in BETA). For details, please see our Glossary. These new Payscale categories are now searchable. 28 March 2017

We have added a Type/Length criterion to Visual Art Searches (which is still in BETA). Currently, the Type/Length options for Visual Art are: Artwork, Graphic Narrative (number of pages), and Photos Essay (number of images). This may be expanded in the future, as needed. Also, the data for these new categories may be incomplete to start, but we welcome you to contact us with any changes. 1 March 2017

February 2017

New Features

We have added a new Submission Media/Format feature. This allows us to list projects that accept audio, image, or video submissions for fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. This feature is currently in BETA testing phase. The data may be incomplete, but we welcome you to contact us with any changes. 23 Feb 2017


In addition to the Print, Electronic, and Audio publication media we have had for years, we have also added Video. Since this is a new introduction, the data may be incomplete, but we welcome you to contact us with any changes. 23 Feb 2017

January 2017

Major Announcement! (1 Jan 2017)

We have entered entirely new territory: Visual Art. Read the full announcement.


The Response Statistics on listings will now include data on the number of unique members who have submitted in the past 12 months. Note: It will take 24 hours for this data to be compiled for all listings. 31 Jan 2017

We made some accessibility improvements using the ARIA standard. Look for more of these in the future. 31 Jan 2017

Bug Fixes

There was an error when updating Saved Search criteria. This has been fixed. 2 Jan 2017

There was an error when applying a Promo Code to a new subscription, which has been fixed. If you subscribed on January 1 or in the early morning of the 2nd and included a Promo Code, please contact Customer Service by the end of the week and be sure to include the Promo Code you used. 2 Jan 2017

November 2016

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that resulted in an error page when trying to view the submission history of piece that had no associated submission records. 21 Nov 2016

Fixed a bug that resulted in incorrect submissions data for a piece after deleting associated submission records. 21 Nov 2016

September 2016

We are in the process of working on "Something Big" that will be unveiled in the coming months. It's likely you won't see much in the Changelog until that's ready, except for bug fixes.

Minor Changes

We have reduced the amount of time that you must wait before setting the status of a submission to "Never Responded" in certain circumstances (such as when the publication has a stated policy of not replying to all submissions). 30 Sept 2016).

August 2016


Improved the average load time of the List of Pieces page. (Note: It will take 24 hours for this to propagate to all accounts.) 17 Aug 2016

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that prevented eligible pieces from appearing in the results when selecting "not currently submitted" filter on the List of Pieces. 31 Aug 2016

There was a bug that prevented users from hiding fee-based markets on the Calendar in certain situations. This has been fixed. 3 Aug 2016

July 2016

Improvements to Favorites and Ignore List 27 July 2016

Your Favorites and Ignore List pages now:

  • display the full text of your comments (if any),
  • hide inactive listings by default (with the option to show them if you choose),
  • allow you to hide TempClosed listings, and
  • can be filtered by Category.

There are also new ways to interact with your Favorites and Ignore List:
You can filter the Interviews List and Theme & Deadline Calendar to display only your Favorites. Also, those lists hide your Ignored listings by default (with the option to include them if that's your preference).

Bug Fixes

There was a bug that prevented users from updating the genre of a piece in the Pieces List. This has been fixed. 27 July 2016

In July of 2016, we (belatedly) began maintaining this log of notable changes. From now on, we will report improvements, bug fixes, and other changes here about once a month.