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Your Rights to Control Your Personal Information

A 'Private' sign on a red door
We respect your right to privacy.
Photo by Dayne Topkin.

Let's be crystal clear.
Duotrope does not sell your personal information.
We never have and we never will.

If you'd like to see the short list of the limited, essential times when we share (but don't sell) your personal information with third-parties, read our Privacy Policy.

Spoiler alert: We only share your personal information for things like processing payments, submitting through Duosuma*, and other times when it's absolutely necessary to complete the transaction.
We do not ever share your personal information with any advertisers, marketers, or researchers.

* If you submit through Duosuma, those publishers and agents are also not permitted to sell or share your personal information, and they can only add you to their mailing list if you give them explicit permission.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

This section was created specifically for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), but we want you to know that we have the same policies for all of our customers and visitors, regardless of where you live.

Since we don't sell your personal information and we do not share your personal information with any advertisers, marketers, or researchers, there's nothing to opt out from regarding that. See the section below for other ways you can control your personal information.

Controlling Your Personal Information

Unsubscribing from Our Newsletter

If you are subscribed to our email newsletter (which is strictly opt in/opt out), you can unsubscribe any time. We also provide links to unsubscribe in every newsletter we send.

Cookie Consent

You can read the full details of the cookies we write to your browser and why on our Cookies Policy page. You can also opt out of non-essential cookies on that page. (Note that our cookies are not used for advertising or marketing purposes.)

Requesting Removal of Your Listing

If you run a publication listed with us or are an agent listed with us, you can request to opt out of having a listing. When you request to opt out of being listed, the only information that remains on our site is the title of the publication (or name of the agent and/or agency) and the fact that the editor/agent has "requested not to participate." We cannot fully delete listings as they are tied into our members' personal submission trackers, and they provide us a record of the "opt out" request. However, "opted out" listings will no longer appear in our search results, and they also contain tags that instruct Google and other search engines to remove the page from their index.

Managing Information You Provided

Through your Control Panel you can access the information you've provided (such as Pieces, Submission Reports, Favorites, etc.) and you can manage (add, edit, delete) that information yourself.

Deleting your Submission Files

If you submit through Duosuma, some publications may choose to keep your files on record for a time. If you want to delete those files prior to their expiration date, you may do so through Your Duosuma Submissions. If the files are no longer available (they have already been deleted), the submission details page will say so. If the files still exist, there will be a button to delete them. Note that this only applies to Declined or Withdrawn submissions. If the submission is still Pending (under consideration), you will need to Withdraw it first, which you can do on that page.

About your Financial Information

We do not keep credit card numbers or other sensitive financial information in our records at any time. Only our payment processor has access to that (and our staff cannot see the full credit card number). If you have an active Duotrope subscription or Duosuma account, credit card information stays in their customer record for the lifetime of the subscription. When a subscription expires, we instruct our payment processor to remove the credit card from their customer record. Likewise, with one-time purchases (such as gift certificates), the credit card information is not saved to a customer record and is only used to process the single transaction.

Requesting User Account Deletion

If you have a user account (login credentials), you can request deletion of your account which removes all of your personal information (except the data we must keep for legal, financial, or security reasons). See our Guide to Account Management for important information about the account deletion process.

If you don't have a Duotrope user account or a Duotrope listing and have never made a purchase through Duotrope or contacted us, we don't have any of your personal information on file.