Duosuma Duotrope's Submission Manager

Guide to Submitting, Withdrawing, and Checking on the Status of your Submissions

Finding Opportunities

Most publishing projects and literary agents link to their submission pages. We also have a page of Current Submission Opportunities that lists all open calls for submission that are using the Duosuma platform.

How to Submit

From a project's Duosuma page, select the call you will be submitting to. Take note of any deadlines or fees. Then, click the "Submit" button for that call.

Before Submitting: Before you can submit you need to be logged in to a Duotrope account. If you do not already have a Duotrope account, you need to sign up for one. A paid Duotrope subscription is not required to submit. However, it does offer a lot of perks and a free trial. (Again, this isn't required.)

Section 1: About You

Depending on how the call has been set up, some or all of the following may be required. On the submission form, fields in bold are required. Everything else is optional.

Check that your Name and Email are correct. If not, you will need to Update your Profile.

Enter your Mailing Address (Country, Street Address, City, State/Province, Postal/Zip Code), if prompted. You can save the mailing address to your account so you don't have to enter it each time by checking the "Save to my account" box.

A note about privacy: Duosuma accounts are prohibited from selling your contact information or from adding you to their mailing list without your explicit permission. Likewise, Duotrope will not sell your personal information. See our full privacy policy.

Select the Submission Type. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Drama, Visual Art, and/or Multimedia may be options, depending on the submission call. If your submission straddles multiple types, select the most applicable one.

Enter a Cover Letter, if prompted. Some calls will provide specific instructions for the cover letter.

Enter a Bio, if prompted. Bios should always be written in the third-person and comply with the stated word limits. You can save the bio text to your account so you don't have to enter it each time by checking the "Save to my account" box.

Section 2: Piece(s)

Select the Piece you are submitting from the drop-down list. If you don't have any pieces yet, or if you need to add a piece, use the I need to add a piece to my list feature, and then fill in a short form with basic information about the piece.

Once you have selected a piece, indicate whether that piece is being submitted simultaneously (under consideration by more than one project at the same time) or if the piece has been previously published. Then click the Add button.

If you are submitting more than one piece and the submission call allows that, repeat the steps above until you have added them all. If you make a mistake, you can Remove or Update entries from the Selected Pieces table.

An important note regarding collections: If the call is specifically for single-author collections, consider the collection to be a single unit. Submit it as a single piece, rather than submitting its individual parts separately.

Section 3: File(s)

You will be prompted to Upload a file and/or provide a Link for either the entire submission or individual pieces in the submission. Be sure to pay close attention to what's listed in the Piece section of the form, as well as to the acceptable file formats and/or link types.

If the call requires anonymous submissions, you will need to indicate that you have removed all identifying information from the file.

If you are submitting multiple files, repeat the steps until you have provided files or links for each of them.

Section 4: Review Your Submission

In this step, simply confirm that information listed is correct, that you are the creator of the works, and that you have answered all questions truthfully. If you need to make changes, use the links provided to do so.

Section 5: Submission Fee or Tip Jar (if applicable)

Note: Duotrope/Duosuma does not take a cut of your submission fees and tip jar contributions! The full payment goes straight to the project's account (minus the payment processor's fees).

If the call has a mandatory Submission Fee, you will need to pay it in this step. You will not be able to proceed and finalize your submission until payment is successful.

If the call has an optional Tip Jar, you will be given the option of making a voluntary tip jar contribution in this step. You will be able to choose the amount (a minimum and maximum will be set by the project) and make a payment or to Skip making a contribution.

If there's no Submission Fee or Tip Jar, you will skip this form and go straight to the submission confirmation screen.

Submission Confirmation

Once you have completed the process, you'll get a confirmation message. You should also receive an email to confirm receipt of the submission, plus an email with your payment receipt if one was made.

To ensure you receive all emails regarding your submissions, please whitelist [email protected] or the duotrope.com domain in your email settings. All email responses sent through the Duosuma system are also saved to your account. If you think you are missing some emails or responses, please check your Sent Submissions (see below).

Your Duosuma Submissions (Sent Submissions)

Your Duosuma Submissions is where you can see a list of everything you've submitted using the Duosuma platform, including the real-time status of each submission:

  • Pending
  • Accepted
  • Declined
  • Withdrawn

Using the Select link for each submission in your list, you can see all the details, including the full response history for that submission.

If you are a Duotrope subscriber, you will also find links to the Duotrope Report for that submission.

Withdrawing a Submission

If you need to withdraw a submission (or part of a submission) and the submission is still pending, select that submission, click the Withdraw button and then fill in a short form.

If you submitted more than one piece, you will be able to select whether to withdraw individual pieces or the entire submission.

We highly recommend including a Note politely and concisely explaining why you are withdrawing the submission/piece(s).

Have any questions about this? Ask us.