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Duosuma® Duotrope's Submission Manager

Duosuma: Information for Submitters

Girl wearing a 'Send It!' t-shirt. (Photo by Drew Farwell.)

What is Duosuma?

Duosuma is Duotrope's Submission Manager. It helps publishing projects and literary agents receive and manage their submissions quickly, easily, and affordably.

If you're not familiar with us, Duotrope is an industry-standard writers' resource, providing thousands of active publisher and agent listings, a submission tracker, theme and deadline calendars, interviews, and so much more. (Visit our About/FAQ page and Features page.)

Features for Submitters

No Charge! For submitters, there is no charge to use Duosuma. You only need a Duotrope account. You are not required to have a paid Duotrope subscription (although you get extra perks if you do). Also, if a project chooses to charge submission fees or collect "tip jar" payments, those payments go directly to their account; we don't take a single penny.

Status Checks. You can check on the status of your current and past Duosuma submissions at any time. If you have a Duotrope subscription, all eligible Duosuma submissions will automatically be logged to your Duotrope Submission Tracker, too.

Simplified File Management. When you submit a file for a particular piece, we will keep a copy of that file on your account (for your use only). Then, when you submit that piece again, you'll be able to simply select the previously uploaded file from a drop-down list, instead of having to upload another copy (if that file meets the requirements of the submission call).

Easy Withdrawals. If you need to withdraw a submission or a part of a submission, you can do that with just a few clicks.

Better Transparency. When projects require submission fees or have set deadlines, that information will always be clearly displayed. Also, if the project self-imposes a submission quota, a progress bar will indicate how much of the quota has been used.
NOTE! Duosuma never requires any project to have a quota or to charge fees.

How to Get Started

To submit through Duosuma, the only thing you need is a Duotrope account. A paid Duotrope subscription is not required.

Get Started! You are not currently logged into a Duotrope account.
If you don't already have an account, sign up.
If you do already have an account, log in.
That's all you need to do to use Duosuma as a submitter!

Perks for Duotrope Subscribers

A paid Duotrope subscription is not required to submit through Duosuma. However, Duotrope subscribers get lots of great features and perks!

Duotrope Features

  • Over 7,500 comprehensive, up-to-date publisher and literary agent listings (see a sample listing)
  • Robust search features
  • Calendars of upcoming Themes & Deadlines
  • Interviews with over 2,150 editors & agents
  • Statistical data on each publisher and agent, such as average response time, acceptance rate, etc.
  • Compiled reports, including most challenging publishers, fastest responders, etc.
  • A personal Submission Tracker with lots of useful features to help you know when to expect a response and when to query on the status of a submission.
  • A personal Control Panel, including your personal submission statistics, data and information on your submitted pieces, and much more.

Duosuma Perks

  • All eligible* submissions you send through Duosuma will be automatically logged into your personal Submission Tracker and kept up to date with the current status! (* The project must be linked to a Duotrope listing.)
  • When you submit files for individual pieces, we will keep copies of those files on your account indefinitely, to simplify future submissions. (For non-subscribers, those files are deleted after six months of inactivity.)
  • You won't have to enter your credit card info each time for any submission fees or tips. You can use the same payment method as your Duotrope subscription.
All new subscriptions start with a free trial. After the trial period, subscriptions cost just USD $5.00 a month, or you can save even more with an annual subscription of USD $50.00. (See our Subscriptions and Payments FAQ for more info.)

Learn more about how to submit, withdraw submissions, and check on the status of your submissions.
Have any questions about this? Ask us.