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Quick Guide to your Control Panel

Your personal Control Panel provides quick access to all of your information on Duotrope. Learn to use it effectively, so you'll be able to spend more time creating and less time submitting and searching for publishers and agents.

Accessing Your Control Panel

If you are logged in, you can access any part of your Control Panel using the " Account" menu at the top, right of any page. If you are not currently logged in, then the menu provides options to Sign Up or Log In.

Overview & Stats Page

The Overview page of your Control Panel has a variety of information, including:

Your Submissions (Subscribers Only)

This section includes links to the Response Reporter and your Submission Tracker (if you have reported submissions).

The statistics section displays the number of submissions you have pending, the number of submissions you sent in the last 12 months, the number of submissions you sent this month, and your acceptance ratio for the last 12 months. Those statistics are broken down into Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Visual Art, and Overall categories.

Your Subscription

This section displays information about your subscription status and any pending gift certificates that may have been applied to your account.

Your Newsletter Status

This tells you whether you are currently subscribed to our email newsletter, and whether your subscription has bounced or expired.


This page also provides links to all the other pages of your Control Panel.

Other Pages in Your Control Panel

We offer separate, in-depth guides to using the various pages of your Control Panel:

Guide to Managing your Account
Guide to Managing your List of Pieces (Subscribers Only)
Guide to Reporting Submissions and using your Submission Tracker (Subscribers Only)
Guide to Managing your Favorites List & Ignore List (Subscribers Only)
Guide to Tracking Themes & Deadlines (Subscribers Only)
Guide to Saved Searches (Subscribers Only)

We hope this information has helped you get acquainted with your Control Panel. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this guide, please let us know.