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We are excited to announce the introduction of an entirely new category: Literary Agents!
All Literary Agent features will be in BETA testing phase for the next few months.

Theme & Deadline Calendar

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Duotrope's Theme & Deadline Calendar lists the upcoming themes and deadlines of journals, magazines, contests, anthologies, and other publications. Track the deadlines that matter to you. Learn more.

Free Preview

Here is a small sampling from our current Theme & Deadline Calendar for fiction. We list over 2,150 future themes and deadlines across all categories: fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual art.
ProjectThemeDeadlineDays Left 
Battling in All Her Finery [Mad Scientist Journal]Otherworldly Women Leaders30 Apr 201810  15
Horror Zine's Book of Ghost Stories, The [The Horror Zine]Ghost stories30 Apr 201810  11
Colorado Reviewn/a30 Apr 201810  54
Apex Magazine [Apex Publications]Zodiac01 May 201811  20
First Line, TheFirst Line: "I wanted you to be the first to know," Rowan tentatively confided in me.01 May 201811  14
Boulevardn/a01 May 201811  44
Georgia Review, Then/a14 May 201824  46
AGNIn/a31 May 201841  55
One Storyn/a31 May 201841  47
Threepenny Review, Then/a30 Jun 201871  44
Monsters of Any Kind Anthology [Independent Legions Publishing]Monster of Any Kind10 Jul 201881  12
Third Flatiron Publishing TEMP CLOSEDTerra! Tara! Terror!15 Jul 201886  13