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Current Submission Opportunities

Show: Fiction Poetry Nonfiction Drama Visual Art Multimedia

There are 51 projects accepting submissions (including fee-based) for 84 different calls.

32 Poems
Poetry Submissions (Charges fees.)

The Anglican Theological Review: Poetry Submissions

Apple in the Dark
Fall 2022

Best Spiritual Literature Awards (Orison Books)
Best Spiritual Literature Award - Fiction (Charges fees.) / Best Spiritual Literature Award - Nonfiction (Charges fees.) / Best Spiritual Literature Award - Poetry (Charges fees.)

Bright Flash Literary Review
Flash and Short Fiction, Memoir, Rolling Submissions, No Theme

Ongoing submissions

Children's Books for ages 7-10 (CafeLit)
Children#s 7-10

Children's Picture Books for writer / illustrator teams (CafeLit)
Children's Picture Books

Children's Picture Books for writers (CafeLit)
Children's Picture Books - writers

The Decadent Review
Aesthetics and Abstraction / Criticism and Reviews / Meta on Meta

Degenerate Art
Poetry / Prose - Fiction / Prose - Non-Fiction

Dream of Shadows
Website and Anthology

Emergent Reader Books for Children (CafeLit)
Emergent reader texs and texts upt to 20,000 words for children

Featured Poets (
Poetry Submission

Feisty Women - Fiction (CafeLit)
Feisty Women Fiction

Feisty Women Non- Fiction (CafeLit)
Feisty Women Non-Ficition

Flash Fiction Collections (CafeLit)
Flash Fiction Collections Open Call

FlowerSong Press
Manuscript Submissions Now Open

Grand Little Things

HauntedMTL - Anthology
Women's Charity Anthology

The Headlight Review
Book Reviews / Fiction / Nonfiction / Poetry

Hermine Annual
Issue 3

Horror Reviewers Needed! (HauntedMTL)
Horror Reviewers Needed!

Jade Ring Writing Contest (Nonmember Submissions) (Wisconsin Writers Association)
Nonmember Fiction (Charges fees.) / Nonmember Fiction (Add Critique) (Charges fees.) / Nonmember Nonfiction (Charges fees.) / Nonmember Nonfiction (Add Critique) (Charges fees.) / Nonmember Poetry (Charges fees.) / Nonmember Poetry (Add Critique) (Charges fees.)

Limit Experience Journal (Limit Experience Media)
Travel & Sexuality (Charges fees.)

Litbop: Art and Literature in the Groove
Issue 2 Art/Photography/Cartoons / Issue 2 Poetry / Issue 2 Short Story

MacroMicroCosm (Vraeyda Literary)
Hockey Stick Galaxy Volume 8 Issue III / The Siege Perilous: A Philosopher's Throne / Virgo Volume 8 Issue II

Maximus Magazine (Maximus Books)
Issue 2

The Metaworker Literary Magazine
General Call for The Metaworker / Micro Call for The Metaworker

The New York Quarterly
General Poetry Submission (Charges fees.)

The Orison Chapbook Prize (Orison Books)
Chapbook (Charges fees.)

Our Pandemic (The Writer's Workout)
CNF: experiences and tributes

Pen & Publish
Editorial internship / Marketing internship

Please Welcome to the Stage…: A Drag Literary Anthology (House of Lobsters Literary)
Please Welcome to the Stage...

The Plentitudes
The Plentitudes - Call for Poems: Fall 2022 (Charges fees.) / The Plentitudes - Call for Short Stories & Essays (Charges fees.)

Radix Magazine
Radix Magazine Summer 2022 (Charges fees.)

Red Ogre Review
July 2022 - Poetry & Art / Short Genre Fiction Contest (Charges fees.)

The Red Telephone YA books (CafeLit)
YA Novels / YA Novels 45,000 to 105,000 words

Sad Girls Club $500 Summer Poetry Contest (Sad Girls Club Literary Blog)
Sad Girls Club $500 Summer Poetry Contest (Charges fees.)

San Antonio Review

Single author short story collections (CafeLit)
Single author collections

Slant Books
Manuscript Submission (Charges fees.)

The South Shore Review
Art & Multimedia / Issue 6: National Flash Fiction Day

Still of Winter: An Unsettling Reads Anthology (Unsettling Reads, LLC)
Still of Winter: An Unsettling Reads Anthology

Still Point Arts Quarterly (Shanti Arts LLC)
Cities—Art Submission / Cities—Writing Submission / Immersed in Books—Art Submission / Immersed in Books—Writing Submission / Minimalist Wisdom—Art Submission / Minimalist Wisdom—Writing Submission

Sunspot Lit Rigel Contest: $250 for Fiction, NF, Poetry, Art, Graphic Novel (Sunspot Literary Journal)
Rigel 2022 (Charges fees.)

Tales (The Writer's Workout)
Theme: The Deep

Twelve Winters Journal (Twelve Winters Press)
Twelve Winters Journal (Charges fees.)

Vraeyda Literary
Poetry Collection / Sci-Fi/Magic Realism/Fantasy Novels

Willows Wept Review
Poetry / Prose / Visual Art

Word Poppy Press
Issue Four / Word Poppy Blog

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