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WayWords Literary Journal The Writer's Workout

This journal inspires writers around the world in all stages of their writing career. We're looking for fresh, inspiring pieces; give us chills, fill us with awe. Show the best (and worst) parts of your fictional world.

Issues are themed; please only submit fiction or poetry featuring the selected theme for the issue. Submissions are limited to 5,000 words of fiction or 15 lines of poetry (limit two poems per writer). This journal also accepts CNF tribute pieces on any topic under 5,000 words.

Times New Roman or Arial font, size 10 or 12, single spaced
Indented paragraphs except for poetry
Empty 1" margins on all four sides
Empty line for scene breaks

Entries must include this Title Information in this order at the top of the document body, aligned left:

Name or Pseudonym, email
Entry Title
WayWords: Theme or Tribute
Word or Line Count

Submissions without correct Title Information as listed above will be rejected unread.
Submissions including fanfiction, religious, political, or erotic content will be rejected unread.
Please do not submit AI-generated content.
Please do not submit CNF for the themed section.
Please try to avoid subjects of abuse and suicide. Recovery pieces are welcome!

Please visit our website to explore our other publications, competitions, and resources.

WayWords requests one-time, non-exclusive serial rights with worldwide distribution.
We accept simultaneous submissions, previously published works, and you're welcome to submit your work elsewhere after we publish it.

This journal is published in digital and print. The Writer's Workout is a registered nonprofit organization run by volunteers.

There are no active public submission calls for this project.

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