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Walela Books CafeLit (Gold Star Program) Gold Star

Walela is the Cherokee word for hummingbird.

A quote from one of the authors from our other imprints:

"Hummingbirds are small but eye catching.

They’re colourful.

They’re a diverse group.

Everyone loves a hummingbird!"

We're a small press but distinctive and we aim to offer something diverse and colourful that everyone will love.

We have identified a gap in the market for high concept, upmarket literary fiction that really deserves to be published but doesn’t quite fit with current trends of the bigger presses.

Walela Books will open its submission window later this year, following the release of their first novel in the autumn

Walela Books

Temp Closed

Please submit in one document:

  • a 500 word synopsis
  • the full script
  • a list of links you think we should know about

Please double space your work and indent paragraphs.

Please have the title and your name ion the header and page numbers in the footer

Walela Books April 2024

Temp Closed

Please submit all in one document:

A 500 word synopsis

The whole script

At the end of your script please a list of any links you think we should know about.

Please double space your work.

In dent paragraphs.

Use a standard font, e.g. Times New Roman, Arial,12 pt.

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