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Feisty Women Non- Fiction CafeLit (Gold Star Program) Gold Star

We are seeking submissions on books, fiction and non-fiction about feisty women. These probably have a feminist sub-text but are not fanatical. These will include women very similar to those in The Schellberg Cycle

Feisty Women Non-Ficition Free Tip Jar Option

  • Please provide a list of chapters with a short paragraph about the content of each chapter, and three sample chapters.
  • Double-space your work.
  • Use a regular font - Times new Roman, Arial, Calibri, point 12. Indent paragraphs but do not insert an extra line break. If possible use the Word tool for creating paragraphs.
  • Put the title and your name as you would like it in the by line in the header and your legal name and full contact details including email and page numbers in the footer.
  • Tell us about your use of social media, providing handles where appropriate and how you might be able to help market the book. (Up to 500 words)

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