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Duosuma® Duotrope's Submission Manager

Duosuma Gold Star Program

Three neon gold stars (Photo by Steve Harvey.)

What is the Gold Star Program?

Duosuma's Gold Star Program is our way of rewarding publishers that follow good submission practices. Accounts that qualify for the Gold Star Program automatically get a discount of 15% off standard Duosuma pricing, including Block purchases. (This discount can stack with the Volume Discount, resulting in a 30% discount.)
Also, those accounts get a Gold Star icon , indicating that they have qualified for the program.

What are the criteria to qualify?

To qualify, a Duosuma account must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. They must have responded to at least 10 submissions through the Duosuma platform in the past 12 months. (Across all projects and submission calls. Test submissions are excluded.)
  2. The account must be in good standing. (No overdue bills.)
  3. Their team has been actively evaluating submissions in the past month. (This includes reviewing, rating, and/or responding to submissions.)
  4. They must respond to submissions within 60 days on average.* (Based on the mean average of all submissions responded to through the Duosuma platform in the past 12 months.)

It's that simple! Any account that meets those four criteria will automatically receive the Gold Star discount and icon.

ATTN Submitters: This does not guarantee that you will get a response within 60 days. This only indicates that their average response time is 60 days or fewer for the Duosuma platform.

How do we know if we've qualified?

If your Duosuma account has qualified for the Gold Star Program, it will be shown on your Duosuma Control Panel and Manage Billing page. Your projects and calls on the Submission Opportunities and Submission Calendar pages will also show the Gold Star icon.

How many accounts currently qualify?

40.7% of active Duosuma accounts currently qualify for the Gold Star Program. Additionally, 37.4% of active Duosuma accounts are close* to qualifying.

Calculated once an hour.
* They meet or are close to achieving a 60-day-or-fewer average response time.

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