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Duosuma Documentation

Documentation for Publishers & Agents

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Overview for Publishers & Agents
Introduction to features and pricing.
Getting Started Guide
What's the best approach to setting up your new account?
Structuring your Projects and Calls
Information and advice on structuring your projects and submission calls, plus information about submission caps.
Guide to Account Settings
Manage the global settings for your account.
Guide to Billing, Credits, and Charging Fees
Find out how to check and manage everything related to billing and charging fees.
Guide to Projects
Learn about projects, how to add them, and how to manage them.
Guide to Team Management
Find out how to add members to your team, and how to manage their permissions and submission assignments.
Guide to Response Templates
Learn how to set up response templates for auto-responses and other standard responses, such as form letters.
Guide to Setting up Calls for Submissions
Find out how to add and manage calls for submissions and submission periods.
Learn How to Test
Please read this guide for the proper way to test. There are some important restrictions.
Linking to Duosuma
People can't submit if they don't know where to go. Get HTML code snippets for linking to your public Duosuma pages.
Guide to Submission Assignment Options
Read about the different options for assigning submissions and how to set them up.
Guide to Managing Submissions
Learn how to review and manage your submissions, individually and in bulk.
Guide to Tagging Submissions
Learn how to set up custom tags that you can use to label submissions.
Duosuma Changelog (Latest update: 24 November 2020)
See what new features, improvements, bug fixes, and other changes we've made recently.
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Documentation for Submitters

Overview for Submitters
Introduction to Duosuma for submitters.
Guide to Submitting, Withdrawing Submissions, and Checking the Status of Submissions
Learn how to submit, withdraw submissions, and check on the status of your submissions.