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Duosuma® Duotrope's Submission Manager

Guide to Response Templates

Template Basics

How do I manage my templates?

The Response Templates page is where you can see the response templates that have been created, and manage the auto-response templates. To access this page, you must be the Account Owner or have "Manage Templates" privileges.

What is a Response Template?

A response template is a template for a standard response that can be sent to your submitters individually, in bulk, or as an auto-response for a certain action. The template uses substitutions or placeholders that get filled in with the relevant details at the time it is sent to the submitter. You can set up response templates for the following actions:

  • Auto: Submission Received
  • Auto: Fee Paid
  • Auto: Tip Received
  • Manual: Submission Accepted
  • Manual: Submission Declined
  • Manual: Submission Updated
  • Manual: Request New File(s)

Those prefaced with "Auto" are for auto-responses (in response to an action, such as a submission or a fee being received), while those marked "Manual" can be sent either individually or in bulk to a selected list of submissions.


You can set up custom auto-response templates for Submission Received, Fee Paid, and Tip Received actions, or you can use Duosuma's defaults:

Submission Received (Allyoop Writers Online Journal)
Hi, Jane!

We have received your submission of the following:
Apples by the Sea/Bandana Boys/CouRAGE/Defiant Days

You can see the submission guidelines for Allyoop Writers Online Journal here:

You can track your submission here:

Best wishes,
Allyoop Writers Online Journal

How do I create response templates?

Begin by clicking Add a Template. Then, select the Action Type and enter a unique Template Title. The title is for internal use only.

The Email Subject and Email Body fields can use substitutions (see below). For example, if you include the text {{Project}} in those fields, when an email gets sent using that template, it will replace that text with the name of the project that the submission was sent to. The available substitutions differ, depending on the Action Type.

Applies To: For auto-response templates (submission received, fee paid, tip paid), you can select which projects/calls the template should be used for:

  • Select Projects and Calls: Allows you to select which projects/calls will use this template.
  • All Projects and Calls: Will apply it to all current and future projects and calls (unless a different template takes precedence for a specific project/call).
  • No Projects or Calls: Use this to disable the template.

Precedence: When different templates are applied at different levels, the priority is...

  • Call-specific first,
  • then Project-specific,
  • then "All projects and calls,"
  • and, finally, if nothing applies, then the Duosuma default is used.


Please select an option to see the available substitutions.

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