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Duosuma® Duotrope's Submission Manager

Guide to Manually Adding Submissions Received Outside of Duosuma


BETA: This feature is in beta-testing phase and may be changed or removed at any time.

How do I add submissions sent outside of Duosuma?

The Add a Submission page is where you can manually add submissions that were submitted outside Duosuma. To access this page, you must have "Can Add Submissions" privileges.

What are the restrictions and limitations with manually-added submissions?

  1. Requesting new files through Duosuma will not be an option. However, you can contact the submitter outside of Duosuma and then update the manually-added submission with the file(s) they provide.
  2. The submitter will not be able Track the Submission via Duosuma.
  3. If you do not have an email address for the submitter, you will not be able to send responses through Duosuma. You will only be able to view the submission files, review and rate (if the account allows), and update the status of the submission. Communication with the submitter will need to be done outside of Duosuma.
  4. Do not use this feature to test submissions. This is not the same process that regular submitters use. Please read our Guide to Testing to learn how to test submissions.
  5. This is intended to provide a way to track submissions received outside of your typical means (e.g., submissions from incarcerated people sent via post). If you use this feature to bypass receiving regular fee-based submissions through Duosuma, that is a violation of trust and will result in the permanent suspension of your Duosuma account.
  6. You will not be able to enter answers to your Custom Questions on manually-added submissions.

What is the charge for each manually-added submission?

One credit will be charged against the account for each manually-added submission.

What if I don't want anyone on my team to be able to add submissions manually?

Simply make sure that no one on your team has "Can Add Submissions" privileges.

Adding the Submission


There are a few steps to manually add a submission.

  1. First, you enter information about the submitter and some metadata about the submission.
  2. Next, you enter information about the piece(s) submitted.
  3. You will either provide the file/link(s) in that stage, or you will be prompted to provide a file/link for the entire submission (depending on the answers you provided in the first step, which you can change if needed).
  4. Finally, you will confirm and finalize the submission.

About the Submission

This section requests the following:

  • Project: (Required.) Which project is this submission for?
  • Call: (Required.) Which call is this submission for?
  • Type: (Required.) What type of submission? Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Multimedia, Visual Art, Drama.
  • Anonymous: Indicates whether the submission must be anonymous (no identifying information in files). This pulls the setting from the Call and cannot be changed.
  • Submission Date: (Required.) Enter the date you received the submission. (Default is today's date.)
  • Submitter's Name: This is subdivided into:
    • Legal First Name: (Required.)
    • Middle Name/Initial: (Optional.)
    • Legal Last Name: (Required.)
    • Preferred First Name/Nickname: (Optional.) For example, someone with a legal first name of "Alphonsus" may prefer to be called "Alfie."
    • Pseudonym: (Optional.) The name the person would like to be published under, if accepted for publication. This option will be grayed out if the Project/Call settings do not permit Pseudonyms.
  • Submitter's Email: (Highly recommended.) If you don't know the submitter's email address, you will still be able to track, review, and rate the submission, but you will be unable to send responses using Duosuma.
  • Postal Address: You will have the option to enter the submitter's full postal address, broken down into: Country, Street, Street (line 2), City, State/Province, Postal/Zip Code.
  • Mailing List: Indicate if the submitter has given explicit permission to be added to your mailing list. (Remember that under the Duosuma Terms of Service, you cannot ever sell their personal information, and you can only add them to your mailing list with their explicit permission.)
  • Cover Letter: (Optional.) Enter the cover letter text provided by the submitter.
  • Bio: (Optional.) Enter the bio text provided by the submitter.
  • How many Pieces? (Required.) Enter the number of pieces the submitter sent. (If they are submitting a collection to be published as a stand-alone collection, consider each collection/book title to be one piece.)
  • How Many Files? (Required.) Indicate whether they sent one file per piece or one file for the whole submission.
Note: Manually-added submissions do not currently support Custom Questions. If you require this functionality, please let us know.


For each piece, you will need to enter information about the piece:

  • Title: (Required.) The title of the piece.
  • Sim-Sub: (Optional.) If the submitter has told you that this is being submitted simultaneously (to other projects), indicate this here.
  • Reprint: (Optional.) If the submitter has told you that this piece has been previously published, indicate that here.
  • Upload File: This may appear if applicable for this submission. If the submitter provided a file for the piece, upload it here. Files must be the correct type for the project/call settings.
  • Link: This may appear if applicable for this submission. If the submitter provided a link to a fileshare/online media service for this piece, add the link here.

Be sure to click the Add button for each piece, and repeat until you've entered each one. If needed, you can Update the information, files, and/or links (as applicable) for previously entered pieces.


If they provided one file (or link) for the entire submission, you will either upload that file or provide the fileshare/online media link in this step. Files must be the correct type for the project/call settings.


Once you have completed those steps, you will be prompted to Finalize adding the submission. At that time, your account will be charged 1 credit, and the submission will be assigned to a team member (if the account is set up for automatic or predetermined assignment). From then on, you'll be able to treat it as any other submission, with the limitations and restrictions listed above.

A note about fees/tips: Since these submissions were sent outside of Duosuma, we obviously cannot collect fees or tips on them. If you did receive fees/tips with these submissions, you'll need to keep track of that outside of Duosuma. Our system only reports fees/tips received through Duosuma.

Updating a Manually-Added Submission Later

If you realize you've made a mistake after adding a submission manually, or if you need to change the file/link(s) on a submission that was added manually, simply go the Submission's page (through your Submission List) and click the Update Submission button in the Actions section. You'll be able to make most changes (except the Project or Call).

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