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Duosuma® Duotrope's Submission Manager

Duosuma Changelog

A sign with the words 'Turn Ideas into Reality.' (Photo by Mika Baumeister.)
Duosuma launched on Duotrope's fifteenth anniversary, August 4, 2020. We have big plans for future features and improvements. Watch this page for information about notable new features, updates, and bug fixes. (Latest update: 2 November 2021)

November 2021

Submitters can Filter/Sort their List of Submissions 02 November 2021

Submitters can now Filter and/or Sort their list of Sent Submissions. Also, for Declined and Withdrawn submissions, they can delete their submission files.

September 2021

New Feature: Moving Calls 30 September 2021

For Duosuma accounts with multiple active Projects, Submission Calls can now be moved from one Project to another, if needed. Please see our Recommendations for Setting up your Projects and Calls. If you need any help or would like our advice, don't hesitate to contact us.

New Interface for Managing Projects, Call, and Dates 27 September 2021

We have completely retooled the interface for viewing Projects, Calls, and Dates. These changes should make it easier to navigate between the Project, Call, and Date settings.

Changes to Auto-Response Templates 01 September 2021

Now you can set different auto-response templates (for submission received and tip/fee paid actions) for different projects and/or calls. Please see the updated Guide to Response Templates for full details.

New Notification Option: Weekly Digest 01 September 2021

In addition to Daily Digests and Instant Emails, there's a new notification option to be alerted when there's activity related to submissions that may affect you. You can change your setting to Weekly Digest on the Personal Setting page in your Duosuma Control Panel.

July 2021

New Feature: Ban List 28 July 2021

If necessary, Duosuma Accounts can now set up to block certain individuals from submitting to them in the future. See the Guide to Banning Submitters for full details.

Show Individual Rating on Submissions List 13 July 2021

On the Submissions List, team members with "Can View All Submissions" and "Can See Others' Ratings" can choose to display the rating of the selected Reviewer (in addition to showing the average rating) and can sort the list by the selected Reviewer's rating (or the average rating). The selected Reviewer can be anyone on the team.

Submission Call Review 06 July 2021

Account Owners and Managers can request review of their submission call(s) to ensure they're set up properly.

Billing Date Changes 06 July 2021

On the Manage Billing page, you can choose to have your billing date be set to the first of the month. This will also affect when any submission caps (quotas) reset, so it's especially useful to accounts using those.

June 2021

Control Panel Addition 22 June 2021

The Duosuma Control Panel now displays lists of your Open and Temporarily Closed Calls (for people with Manage Projects permissions).

May 2021

Update: Submission Process 19 May 2021

The submission process has been streamlined and partially redesigned to make it simpler. Also, Duotrope non-subscribers can now opt in to share their anonymized submission report with Duotrope, which will improve the accuracy of the statistics on Duotrope's listing for that project.

New Submission Opportunities Calendar 19 May 2021

In addition to the Submission Opportunities page(s), we have a new Submission Opportunities Calendar that lists all open calls by deadline (and includes those without deadlines as well).

New feature: Manually Change Submission Status 05 May 2021

Members of a team at Editor level or above can change the status of a submission without contacting the submitter. This is for situations when you have been informed of a withdrawal outside of the Duosuma system, or you have been in communication with the submitter outside of Duosuma and you need to update the status accordingly. Do not use this in replace of the Decline or Accept options, except when absolutely necessary.

April 2021

Submission Process Simplified for Non-Subscribers 19 April 2021

The submission process has been simplified for people who aren't Duotrope subscribers. They will add new pieces to their submissions within the regular submission form. Duotrope subscribers who need to add new pieces to their list will still be redirected to the main page to add a piece to their Pieces List, which gives them more subscriber-only features for those entries.

New Feature: Require Word Counts 19 April 2021

You can now require Word Counts for fiction or nonfiction pieces (does not apply to poetry, drama, visual art, or multimedia). By default this is off, but you can turn it on in Submission Call settings.

March 2021

Introducing Custom Questions 30 March 2021

If you need to ask your submitters custom questions as part of the submission process, we now have a BETA release of Custom Questions. Read the Guide to Custom Questions for full details.

New feature: Editing Project/Call/Type 22 March 2021

Members of a team at Editor level or above can change the Project, Call, and/or Type of a submission, if needed.

Two changes to Reassigning/Unassigning Submissions 22 March 2021

Bug fix: Submissions can now be reassigned and unassigned at the same time, as intended.
Also, teams of one person will no longer see the Reassign options, since they aren't applicable.

New Feature: Gallery 09 March 2021

For visual art submissions, there's a new option to see a Gallery of all visual art files for that submission on one screen. (The files must be web-compatible.)

February 2021

Bug fix: Downloading docx files 23 February 2021

Downloaded Word files were getting an alert about "unreadable content." This has been resolved.

Update: Set Submission Periods to Permanently Close 08 February 2021

You can now choose to set up Submission Periods to permanently close (set to "Inactive") at the end of the period, instead of the status going to "Temporarily Closed."

New Feature: Bulk Mailing Lists 08 February 2021

Members of your team at Manager or Owner level who have "Can See Address" permissions can generate mailing list files in CSV format from the "Mailing List" link on the Control Panel page.

January 2021

New BETA Feature: Manually Adding Submissions 19 January 2021

We have a beta release of a feature that allows you to manually add submissions that were sent outside of Duosuma. Please read our Guide to Adding Submissions Manually for full details, including important limitations and restrictions.
In order to be able to manually add submissions, Team Members need "Can Add Submissions" permission. For existing teams, this permission has been given to everyone at Editor level or higher, but can be added or removed as needed.

New Feature: Request Opt-In to Mailing List 19 January 2021

In Project Settings, you can now request permission of submitters to opt-in to your mailing list. If you do turn this feature on, it is optional for the submitter and will be requested in the first step of submitting. (As a reminder, per the Duosuma Account Terms of Service, you may not ever sell or share a submitter's personal information, and you may not add them to your mailing list without their explicit permission.)

Bug Fix with Submission Counts 19 January 2021

There was a bug with reporting the number of submissions assigned to others when submissions are assigned to multiple people. This now reflects an accurate count.

December 2020

New Menu 21 December 2020

All Duosuma pages now provide a Manage menu with easy access to the Duosuma management pages if you are logged into your Duotrope account.

New Team Activity Report 21 December 2020

The Team Management page now provides a Team Activity Report, which shows a number of statistics for your team members, including: submissions assigned, submissions completed, and submissions pending.

Changing Response Templates as Needed 16 December 2020

When responding to an individual submission, you can now make changes to the Response Template text on the fly, if needed. (Those changes are not saved to the template, so if you need to make permanent changes to the template, you'll need to edit it on the Manage Response Templates page.)

Bug Fix: Submission List 16 December 2020

The Submission List was improperly reporting the total number of reviews when Reviewed By had been set. This has been fixed.

Notification of Important Changes 16 December 2020

People on Duosuma teams can now choose whether to get notifications of new features, improvements, and bug fixes announced on the Changelog. By default, all team members at Editor level or above and those already subscribed to the Daily Digest will get these notifications, but that can be changed in your Notification settings.

November 2020

Filename Options for Submission Downloads 24 November 2020

In Account settings, you can now choose how submission files that you download should be named. The options are: Pattern (lastname-title-date or title-date for anonymous submissions), Original filename, or Tokenized.

New Submission Assignments Options 19 November 2020

We have added new options for assigning submissions: Load Balancing, Round Robin, and Predetermined. Load Balancing is the default and our recommended option. Predetermined is for teams that want to assign new submissions to the same person/people every time. You can read more about all the options in our new in-depth guide to Submission Assignment.

Reveal Names on Submission List 19 November 2020

People on your team with "Can Reveal Identity" privileges now have the option to show submitters' names on the Submission List even for anonymous submissions.

Introducing Tags! 13 November 2020

Tags provide a way to label submissions with custom tags that meet your team's unique needs. You can read more about this in our Guide to Tagging Submissions. All existing accounts have been set to Enable Tags. However, if you do not want to use tags, simply update your Account Settings to disable tags.

Submission List Improvements and New Team Member Setting 13 November 2020

People on your team with "Can See All Submissions" privileges can now filter their List of Submissions by "Reviewed by" to find submissions that have already been reviewed by a specific team member.
There is a new "Can See Fees/Tips" Team Member setting. If set, they will be able to see an icon showing whether a fee/tip was paid with a submission. For existing Team Members, we have set those at Editor level or above to have this ability, although you can update this on the Team Management page.
We have fixed a bug that was preventing correct results from being shown when filtering for "Max. # Ratings: 0." This has been fixed, so you can now search for submissions that have not been rated yet.

Bug Fix: Responses 13 November 2020

When you use a response template that includes the {{Piece}} substitution for a multiple-piece submission that has been partially withdrawn, the resulting email will not include the titles of the withdrawn pieces.

Earnings Reported on Invoices 04 November 2020

For accounts that accept submission tips or fees, we now report Gross Earnings in your Invoice details. (For detailed earnings and accounting, please see the reports in your Stripe account.)

October 2020

Simplified File Management for Submitters 28 October 2020

When a submitter uploads a file for a piece, we will keep a copy of that file on their account, so for future submissions they can simply select that file from a list instead of having to upload another copy. These files will be kept indefinitely for Duotrope subscribers, but we will delete them on free accounts after six months of inactivity (does not affect submission files, which are stored separately).

Text Search Options for Submissions 28 October 2020

People on your team with "Can View All Submissions" privileges can search the List of Submissions for a particular piece title or Submission ID. Also, people on your team with "Can Reveal Identity" privileges can search the List of Submissions by submitter's name.

Downloadable List of Submissions 28 October 2020

You can download the List of Submissions in Excel/CSV format. The list includes metadata about each submission (not the submission files) and will use the filter settings at the top of the page.

Twitter Trial 15 October 2020

We are trialling announcing projects that are open to submission on Twitter. We'll select a few on most days to announce, with the aim of announcing each qualifying open project once a month. As more qualifying projects are listed, we may have to revisit this approach, but for now, we're aiming for equity among all open projects. (To qualify, you must provide a Twitter handle in Account settings or Project settings.)

Bug Fixes: Reviewing Submissions 15 October 2020

There was a bug preventing the reassigning of a submission to someone who had already reviewed it. This has been fixed. Also, Owner and Manager-level team members now have full access to response actions (accept/decline/update), even when they are not assigned to the submission, as intended.

Submission Assignment Improvements 13 October 2020

Submissions can now be initially assigned or be reassigned to more than one person! This will allow smoother workflows for medium and large teams. You can set the number of people to be initially assigned submissions in Project and Call settings. Also, using either the Bulk Assign feature or Reassign feature on a single submission, you can select the number of people to be assigned/reassigned the submission(s). It is important to note that assigning/reassigning submissions does not clear the existing assignments, unless you use one of the Unassign options as well. Finally, to prevent a submission receiving more than one response from different people at the same time, submissions are automatically checked out (and checked back in) when a response is sent. While it is checked out, only that person can send a response. For more information on all of this, please see our revised Guide to Managing Submissions.

Option to Require Comments with Ratings 13 October 2020

In Account Settings, you can now require comments with all ratings. (Off by default.)

Changes to Trial Credits (Good news!) 06 October 2020

Effective today, all new Duosuma Accounts will have their trial credits expire one month after their first call goes live or when 250 credits are used, whichever happens sooner. Previously, trial credits expired one month after account creation (or when 250 credits were used). This change ensures that every account gets the same opportunity to use their trial credits.
ATTN Existing accounts: We don't want you to be left out! If you had already taken a call live, we've extended your trial credits to expire one month after your first call went live. If your original set of credits had already expired and you haven't yet taken a call live, you will be given a new batch of trial credits at that time. For accounts that started their first live calls over a month ago, we have manually issued credits to make up for the difference between the original trial and new trial policies. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the support team.

September 2020

New Team Member Settings 30 September 2020

For finer control over a team members' abilities, we have removed "Can Accept/Decline and Respond" and replaced it with four separate settings: Can Decline, Can Accept, Can Update, and Can See Communications. See the Team Management Guide for full details. To transition to these new settings, Team Members with the previous "Can Accept/Decline and Respond" ability have been set to have all four new abilities.

Daily Digest Improvements 30 September 2020

If your Notification setting is "Daily Digest," you'll start seeing improvements in those emails. It will tell you how many submissions you have pending (including how many are new to you), plus other pertinent activity on those, such as withdrawals. If you have "Can View All Submissions" permissions, the email will also state how many submissions are currently unassigned and how many are assigned to others, if applicable. You can sign up for "Daily Digest" using the Personal Settings link on your Duosuma Control Panel.

Control Panel Improvements 30 September 2020

If any pending submissions are assigned to you, that information on your Control Panel will link to just those submissions. Likewise, if there are any unassigned submissions (and you have permission to see all submissions), that will be linked to a list of just those submissions. If you use the big "Manage Submissions" link, that will use your personal filter settings.

Bug Fix: Fees 22 September 2020

There was a bug that erroneously allowed some accounts to enable submission fees and tip jar payments before they had onboarded with Stripe. This issue has been resolved. Please check your account's Fee Settings to see if you still need to onboard with Stripe to begin accepting tips/fees. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this has caused.

New Submission List Filter Option 14 September 2020

Team Members with "Can See Ratings" permissions can now filter their list of submissions by the number of times a submission has been reviewed.

Testing Submissions 08 September 2020

Duosuma Team Members now have the ability to create test submissions for the purpose of testing Duosuma and the submission process. Learn all about it in our Guide to Testing.

Submission Reassignment Improvements 04 September 2020

We've added a few options to Reassigning submissions (in bulk or individually): You can now send a submission to someone at a specific account level: Manager, Editor, Reader, Reviewer. Also, you can now Un-assign submissions. Please see the Guide to Managing Submissions for full details.

August 2020

Statement Descriptors 19 August 2020

If you've onboarded with Stripe to collect tips and/or fees, be sure to set a clear Statement Descriptor in your Fee Settings. This is the text shown on your customers' bank and credit card statements and will help them recognize the charge.

Bug Fix: Calls for Submissions 17 August 2020

There was a bug that caused Calls for Submissions that hadn't been completely entered (stopping before the final step) to vanish (seemingly forever). We have un-vanished those. They now appear as "Incomplete" in your Inactive Calls list on your Manage Project pages. You can either delete them or finish adding them.

Volume Discounts! 17 August 2020

We now provide all accounts a 15% discount that automatically applies whenever you get billed for 1,000 credits or more in a month.

Volume Pricing for Bulk Purchases 17 August 2020

If you purchase 10 or more Credit Blocks (1,000 or more credits), you'll automatically get a 15% discount.

Submission Opportunities Page 17 August 2020

The Submission Opportunities page is now live. It lists all Duosuma projects in good standing with "open" calls for submissions. To get the most out of your submission manager, you should also promote and link to your project submission pages.

Mailing Addresses 17 August 2020

When you request mailing addresses, we now collect them in separate fields, rather than one block of text: Street Address, Street Address (line 2), City, State/Province, Postal Code, and Country.

See the Documentation.
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