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Duosuma Pricing Changes (Don't worry, it's all good!)

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It's true. We're in this for the love.

Duosuma is thriving! Since the launch of Duosuma in August 2020, we've added many new features and made tons of improvements. Duosuma has matured from a fledgling to a robust literary submissions platform (with lots of great things still in the works). Also, the number of submissions processed through Duosuma has grown each year. This growth allows us to make a very exciting announcement...

We are changing Duosuma's pricing structure, effective 23 May 2024, which will result in lower costs for all Duosuma accounts — past, present, and future! Our mission is to help you succeed. We want to simplify managing submissions for you, while keeping your costs as low as possible.

Pricing Change Details


Pricing will still be usage-based and billed monthly, but we're simplifying things so that from now on, each submission will cost 1 credit. (Previously, fee-based submissions cost 4 credits, while free and tip jar submissions cost 1 credit. K.I.S.S.)

We are significantly reducing our base rates. A single submission will cost at most USD $0.09, if no discounts apply. (Previously, credits cost USD $0.18, and some submissions cost 4 credits. The new rates are a huge reduction!)

We have added volume tiers, with generous discounts starting at just 100 submissions, and even deeper discounts at 1,000 and 10,000 submissions. As usual, the same volume rates will apply if you choose to pre-purchase credits. (Previously, our volume discount started at 1,000 submissions.)

Submissions per monthly billing cyclePer submission cost in US Dollars
Up to 99$0.09
100 - 999$0.06
1,000 - 9,999$0.03

We will take a tiny commission on all fee-required submissions — just USD $0.10! The payment processor will also take their cut, but even after that, the total taken out of your submission fees will be significantly less than with our biggest competitor — you'll keep USD $0.59 more per fee transaction on average (and even more on tip transactions). That adds up to a lot more money in your bank account to keep your publication afloat and to create wondrous new publications!

We love Tip Jars! We will not take any commission on your tips.

The Gold Star Program gets even better! The Gold Star Program discount will jump from 15% off to 25% off for all qualifying accounts. Plus, we'll cut our commission in half for fee-required submissions. Keep shining, Gold Stars! You're awesome!


If you're wondering how this new pricing will affect you, compared to the previous rates, use this handy calculator.

Next Steps

If you have a Duosuma Account...
If you have a Duosuma account, the new pricing will take effect on 23 May 2024. Your first bill after that date will use the new pricing. The Duosuma Account Terms of Service have been updated (all that's changed is the pricing information as described in this article) as announced on 23 April 2024, and those new Terms will take effect for all Duosuma Accounts on 23 May 2024.
Early Adoption: If the account owner agrees to the new Terms of Service before the effective date, they will also have the option of adopting the new pricing immediately.
If you don't have a Duosuma account yet...
If you don't have a Duosuma account yet, read more about it and request an account when you're ready. You'll get the new pricing starting with your first billing cycle after 23 May 2024, or you can choose to adopt the new pricing early (see your Billing page once you have an account with us).
All new accounts start with a trial period, and there's no obligation or pressure — that's just not our style! If you cancel during your trial, you won't be charged a single cent (or pence for our British friends).

With love,
The Duosuma Team
23 April 2024

P.S. When's the last time you were informed about a pricing change that didn't mention supply chain issues, rising inflation, and other grown-up boogeymen? What can we say? We do things differently here.

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